Three Important Reasons to Schedule Storm Drain Cleaning

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A commonly overlooked part of commercial property management is storm drain maintenance, and it’s often neglected until an emergency occurs. Blocked storm drains can back up after heavy rains, causing significant flooding, erosion, and other property damage. Maintaining storm drains on private property is typically the property owner’s responsibility and must be inspected annually. McKenney’s recommends an annual inspection of … Read More

The Importance of Annual Sewer Line Inspections

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McKenney’s recommends an annual inspection of sewer lines in commercial buildings. Sewer line inspections identify potential problems that could result in costly property damage due to flooding and backups. This inspection should be considered part of the building’s routine plumbing preventative maintenance. Sewer lines can become obstructed by a variety of things. Foreign objects flushed down a toilet can create … Read More

Post-Construction Clean-up for Commercial Plumbing Systems

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Once construction work is completed, there is usually a significant amount of debris, dirt, and dust left behind. While visible and commonly used areas receive thorough cleaning, the less noticeable areas often get overlooked. The mechanical systems that are part of a building’s plumbing infrastructure and drainage will also require attention before the building is occupied. Whether your project was … Read More

McKenney’s Shops Keep Projects Moving Smoothly

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Prefabricating components is often the most effective strategy to meet the demands of a tight project schedule. McKenney’s prefabricates assemblies and systems for most of our large and small-scale commercial HVAC and plumbing projects. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or retrofit, extensive prefabrication and modular construction increase safety, efficiency, and quality while supporting faster construction cycles in the field. Benefits … Read More

How McKenney’s Is Protecting Georgia’s Soil and Water

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McKenney’s is GSWCC (Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Specialist Certification) Level 2 certified by the city of Atlanta to complete your annual storm drain inspection, repair, and cleaning. Our experts ensure your building’s stormwater management facilities are adequately maintained and function as designed. Commercial and industrial facilities in the city are subject to the GSWCC ordinance and can be … Read More

Don’t Neglect Annual Lift Station Maintenance

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Lift station maintaince

A lift station is a pump station that moves wastewater from a lower to a higher elevation, where the wastewater can then be sent to a treatment facility. Lift stations are commonly found in commercial buildings’ basements or lower-level utility rooms, including healthcare facilities, schools, office buildings, corporate campuses, and apartment buildings, and ensure that the building’s septic system runs … Read More

Video Pipe Inspections Identify Plumbing Problems

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Plumbers use video pipe inspections to take the guesswork out of locating a plumbing problem. Inspections are highly reliable and effective in finding both leaks and blockages without damaging the pipes. Tiny video cameras attached to flexible fiber optic scopes show the inside of the pipes in great detail and can even detect problems under the foundation or inside the … Read More

Challenges of Servicing Healthcare Mechanical and Plumbing Systems

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plumbing in a hospital operating room corridor

Healthcare facilities utilize complex and interconnected systems that must operate reliably for their day-to-day operations. If a system goes down, repairs must ot negatively impact or disrupt patient services. McKenney’s is a full-service mechanical and plumbing provider that healthcare facilities can depend on to keep their systems running smoothly. Mechanical Systems Mechanical systems include heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration … Read More

McKenney’s Provides Annual Backflow Testing

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McKenney's backflow testing

The water that flows into a commercial property from the main water supply line should only flow in one direction: inward.  Backflow prevention devices, such as vacuum breakers and dual check valves, keep the dirty water from flowing back into the main supply line and contaminating the clean water, making it hazardous to use. What causes backflow? Backflow often happens … Read More

Servicing Facilities that Serve Us

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As the seasons change and the weather get colder, healthcare facilities get busier and busier. Viruses start to spread, and patients frantically schedule last-minute checkups and operations before the end of the year. During this season, healthcare facilities see many more patients, often straining their resources and facilities. It is important that during this time of increased demand, we show … Read More