Three Key Reasons to Maintain Commercial Storm Drains

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Storm drain

Storm drains are found in various areas on commercial and industrial properties.  They are connected to wastewater systems that carry away rainwater during heavy rains.  Property owners are responsible for maintaining the storm drains on their property.  McKenney’s recommends that storm drains be inspected and cleaned out at least once a year to prevent backups and other problems.  The following … Read More

Schedule Fall Clean Out for Your Catch Basin

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Catch basin with poor drainage system left water near catch basin drain inlet on a concrete road.

Catch basins are an integral part of the drainage system that directs water away from an area, such as a building or parking lot, to a reservoir or sump.  They are commonly used on commercial and industrial properties to protect them from flooding during heavy rains.  Catch basins need to be cleaned out periodically to keep them functioning properly. How … Read More

Twice the National Average: Suicide in the Construction Industry

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McKenney's construction workers

Men working in construction have one of the highest suicide rates compared to other industries, according to the CDC: a reported 49.4 out of 100,000, or twice the total suicide rate for civilian working men. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and McKenney’s, along with many in our industry, places special focus on mental health issues and suicide prevention. In … Read More

McKenney’s Helps Educational Campuses Meet Mechanical Challenges Head On

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Education campus

Providing a healthy and productive campus environment for students and staff is a challenge when mechanical systems are aging and no longer performing at peak levels.  With multiple buildings and limited support personnel available to keep things going, educational institutions may find it difficult to stay ahead of maintenance issues and prevent system downtime.  McKenney’s has the resources and expertise … Read More

Energy Savings Strategies for Your Data Center – Part 1: Building a Winning Team through Good Coaching

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If you are like me, you’ve been counting down the days until football season kicks off. Right now, the optimism for the season’s success is at an all-time high. As the season continues, you will begin to gather information on the coaches, free agents and draft picks. This information will enable you to evaluate the probability of a successful season. … Read More

Why Does LEAN Matter in Construction?

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Have you heard about LEAN manufacturing or LEAN construction? Do you know what this means and why it matters? Here, we take a look at what LEAN is and why we make incorporating LEAN into every area at McKenney’s a top priority.

Retrocommissioning at Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare faculity - Hospital ICU

Mechanical systems are the real workhorses in large facilities.  They are in constant use and must be regularly maintained to prevent breakdowns.  Systems must operate at peak performance to provide healthy and safe environments for building occupants.  This is critical in healthcare environments and can be a challenge for facilities managers. Purpose of Mechanical Systems Properly functioning mechanical systems, particularly … Read More

Educational Campuses – Identifying System Inefficiencies and Promoting Sustainability

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Large educational campuses are huge users of energy.  Unfortunately, aging buildings and outdated mechanical infrastructure are a drain on resources.  The inefficient operation of these mechanical systems leads to increasing costs and makes it difficult to achieve sustainability goals of reducing consumption and lowering costs.  Multiply these inefficient systems over a large campus, and there is much opportunity to become … Read More

Award-winning BIM and mechanical systems project at VERO Biotech

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Vero Biotech

AGC Awards McKenney’s 1st Place in Specialty Contractor Category. McKenney’s has won another major award from the Associated of General Contractors of Georgia (AGC Georgia). The company has been recognized as a 2022 first place winner in the Specialty Contractor category of the AGC Build Georgia Award, an annual competition to highlight member firms and projects that demonstrate excellence in … Read More