Take Proactive Protection from McKenney’s buildingCONTROL

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I’m a computer nerd. And I’ve built some amazing workstations over the years. But regardless of what you do or don’t put under the hood, every system needs a controller. Every car needs a steering wheel. Every light needs a switch. The facility you’re responsible for is no different. Unlike your home, industrial and commercial mechanical systems are made up … Read More

Engineering For Easy Service

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At McKenney’s the systems we install are becoming more complicated by the day; it is not uncommon for service and accessibility to fall by the wayside during system layout. We are often asked to squeeze our ductwork and piping into a very crowded ceiling. Once other trades install their devices, it can become a challenge to come back to our … Read More

10 Reasons buildingCONNECT is the Right Tool for the Job

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McKenney’s is over seventy years old. When my boss’ grandfather began selling and installing floor furnaces in the 1940s, the controls (such as they were) were 100% analog. To say things are different today is a monumental understatement. In the years that have followed, McKenney’s has not only developed the process and facilities to produce the hardware needed for even … Read More

How BIM Helps Companies Achieve LEED Certification

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McKenney's BIM team

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent process that makes the planning, design, and construction of buildings highly collaborative and efficient.  A range of professionals involved in a project including developers, architects, engineers, and contractors can design a structure within a 3D model.  Information from the model allows those driving the project to make more informed decisions.  When changes are … Read More

3 Ways to Prioritize Our Most Valuable Resource

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The Mission Critical construction world has long-embraced prefabrication and offsite component manufacturing. Prefabrication, in particular, was identified early in the industry as a catalyst to reduce project schedules and get whitespace online as quickly as possible. With the demand for Mission Critical projects growing faster than the workforce that builds them, it is becoming more important than ever to find … Read More

Healthy Buildings for Healthcare Facilities

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Main Entrance Of Modern Hospital Building With Signs

Mechanical systems and plumbing systems are critical components of a building’s infrastructure.  Ensuring that medical facilities of all sizes have healthy buildings has benefits for the patients and staff.  It provides better recovery outcomes, lowers the risk of infections, and creates a better working environment.  Poor indoor air quality, in particular, has been shown to contribute to long term health … Read More

Automated Control Systems Enhance Efficiency and Comfort Levels

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automated control systems

Facilities managers can optimize the performance of their building’s systems through automation control solutions.  The building automation systems (BAS) typically found in newer buildings allow for easy monitoring of HVAC, lighting, security and surveillance, fire safety, plumbing, and mechanical systems such as elevators.  A controlled network of hardware and software controls and monitors the systems.  It allows multiple types of … Read More

5 Ways to Own Your Career Development

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Many adults think of structured education as something that ends with a degree hanging on their office wall but that is not always the case. Maybe we Google stray questions or occasionally look up a how-to video on YouTube, but very few of us have a structured learning plan for our development. McKenney’s prioritizes and invests in learning: so much … Read More

Mechanical Systems Impact Indoor Air Quality

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Keeping a facility operating around the clock is a huge job.  The building’s mechanical systems are the true work horses that keep vital operations going.  They provide a safe environment that keeps building occupants comfortable, regulates indoor air quality, provides necessary ventilation, and controls indoor humidity. When designing a new facility, building information modeling (BIM) can assist with strategies to … Read More