The Importance of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Your HVAC System

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Testing, adjusting, and balancing your HVAC system ensures that all components are working together as they should. This keeps everything running efficiently and maximizes the system’s performance. Testing checks system components for factors such as the volume of airflow, pressure levels, and heat transfer rate. Adjusting implements changes or modifications so the system operates properly. Balancing equalizes conditions throughout the … Read More

McKenney’s Attends BOMA Georgia’s 2023 Trade Show

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The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) of Georgia is a trade association representing the commercial real estate industry, one of the state’s largest industries. One of BOMA’s primary events each year is its annual trade show, which brings together a wide range of professionals from across the commercial real estate industry for the largest one-day gathering of its kind. … Read More

McKenney’s Provides Remote Services For Peak Efficiency

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If you need system inspection, preventative maintenance, or startup assistance, McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions can now link your business remotely with our expert technicians. We specialize in open building automation systems with remote service and access capabilities to maintain your building’s systems and equipment with ZERO interruption to your business. Here are the many benefits of McKenney’s remote service … Read More

Post-Construction Clean-up for Commercial Plumbing Systems

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Once construction work is completed, there is usually a significant amount of debris, dirt, and dust left behind. While visible and commonly used areas receive thorough cleaning, the less noticeable areas often get overlooked. The mechanical systems that are part of a building’s plumbing infrastructure and drainage will also require attention before the building is occupied. Whether your project was … Read More

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Generative AI

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As a technology leader, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different types of technology, but few are as exciting and promising as generative AI. What is Generative AI Generative AI is a technology that can create new content or data from scratch. For example, you could use a generative AI system to create a piece of artwork or … Read More

McKenney’s Shops Keep Projects Moving Smoothly

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Prefabricating components is often the most effective strategy to meet the demands of a tight project schedule. McKenney’s prefabricates assemblies and systems for most of our large and small-scale commercial HVAC and plumbing projects. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or retrofit, extensive prefabrication and modular construction increase safety, efficiency, and quality while supporting faster construction cycles in the field. Benefits … Read More

What’s The Cost of Doing Nothing?

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What happens at that crucial moment when a property manager must decide if it is time to repair or replace their commercial HVAC / SWUD unit? Isn’t it easier to simply put off having the SWUD unit fixed? How about revisiting the SWUD issue next month? Or better yet, let’s send the problem to someone else and make the SWUD … Read More

How McKenney’s Is Protecting Georgia’s Soil and Water

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McKenney’s is GSWCC (Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Specialist Certification) Level 2 certified by the city of Atlanta to complete your annual storm drain inspection, repair, and cleaning. Our experts ensure your building’s stormwater management facilities are adequately maintained and function as designed. Commercial and industrial facilities in the city are subject to the GSWCC ordinance and can be … Read More

McKenney’s Provides Test & Balance Services

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Temperature imbalances in homes are often ignored because the solution usually requires a system replacement, which can be pricey and time-consuming. However, with the proper knowledge and equipment, an HVAC professional can fix these issues by optimizing your current system without an expensive replacement. HVAC distribution problems can plague residences and commercial buildings alike, and the solution can be as … Read More

McKenney’s Solves Renovation Needs for Commercial Projects

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A building’s needs often change throughout its lifespan. A new tenant may require renovations and special projects. Additionally, interior spaces may need reconfiguring to meet clients’ unique demands. Aging mechanical or plumbing systems may need to be replaced with more energy-efficient ones. Lastly, outdated automation and control systems that are no longer adequate may need to be upgraded to maximize … Read More