Why Healthcare Facilities Need DDC for HVAC Systems

Direct Digital Control (DDC) plays a crucial role in providing precise control for HVAC systems, especially in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. It’s not just a question of maintaining patient comfort levels, but it is an important consideration. The following are some specific requirements that must be maintained.

For critical areas like labs and operating rooms, maintaining precise temperatures independent of external conditions is imperative. Indoor air quality and ventilation must be closely monitored, and tight control over humidity levels is necessary to mitigate the spread of bacteria, viruses, and diseases. This presents a challenge for facilities managers, but DDC controls for the HVAC system simplify processes and enable technicians to manage the environment appropriately.

The following are some of the advantages of a DDC system:

Provides Real-time Information

DDC systems are programmable, allowing preset functions. Sensors in various parts of the building monitor temperature, airflow, and humidity. Building technicians can access real-time information and make precise adjustments as needed. The system can be monitored from a central location and adjusted remotely, eliminating the need for personnel to physically inspect individual areas.

Energy Efficient

Higher efficiency levels, particularly in HVAC systems, lead to cost savings. Precision controls allow the system to adjust automatically based on outside temperature, time of day, and building occupancy. This results in lower energy consumption, reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Increased Reliability

Older pneumatic controls, which were a previous industry standard, have mechanical parts that eventually wear out and must be replaced. Direct digital controls are more reliable and require less maintenance. DDC provides diagnostics for the system and enables staff to better plan for preventative maintenance of HVAC components. Sensors send alerts when a component is not functioning properly. Identifying and addressing issues before they become significant problems can help avoid costly downtime and emergency repairs.

McKenney’s Solves HVAC Control Challenges.

DDC is becoming the standard for maintaining critical HVAC systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Smart technology enables efficiency and can be integrated into automated systems controlling other building functions, such as lighting and security.

McKenney’s helps healthcare facilities control their HVAC operations to meet customer needs better. In the Preconstruction phase for new buildings, our team can design HVAC and DDC systems  tailored to the new facility. In addition, McKenney’s can change out outdated pneumatic controls for DDC in existing buildings. Contact us today for more information. 

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