Corporate Campuses


Today’s corporate campuses are more than just places to work. They connect different business units under one roof and offer amenities that can increase employee satisfaction and build a strong company culture. Currently serving over 30 corporate campuses, McKenney’s has the experience to provide tailored solutions for your unique needs. Let us help you create the right environment to boost productivity for your corporate campus and your employees.

Our Experience

Commercial office buildings, conference centers, assembly spaces, cafeterias, workout facilities, training centers, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, campus-wide system service.

Value-added services and cost control.

Cost is a factor in every project. However, cost control is a factor in the success of every project. For more than six decades, we've served the building community with full-service design/build and design/assist capabilities. Because we manage every step of the building lifecycle from design and construction to service and maintenance, we effectively bridge the divide between design decisions and the impacts on capital budgets and provide visibility for our customers—from facility managers to CFOs. Our team knows the cost of alternative mechanical systems and understands the financial impacts of design decisions. The results? MEP systems tailored to your specific need while adhering to your budget.

Services and solutions to optimize energy efficiency.

Investing in sustainable and energy-efficient building practices can deliver savings that are good for the environment and your bottom line. We work closely with building owners and operators to support environmentally responsible strategies that can help reduce a building's energy consumption. The integration of our energy-saving recommendations can happen at any stage of your corporate campus, allowing you to maximize resources, preserve the environment an protect your bottom line.

Manage your portfolio while connecting building data to decision-making.

Information is great. Knowledge is even better. Every corporate campus has an abundance of information that can be gathered, analyzed and leveraged for more energy-efficient operations. Our Analytics offering collect data from your systems and presents facility managers with usable information in one intuitive, easy-to-use interface. You can track trends and see fluctuations in performance based on the metrics most important to you. The information is delivered in real time and is available in seconds from any location. Use it to help you make critical management decisions that optimize performance throughout your enterprise.

Optimize performance for the life of your campus and ensure end-user comfort.

Extend the life of key mechanical equipment. We help facility operators proactively manage HVAC and control systems to enhance performance, minimize downtime and reduce operating costs. We tailor our management services to meet the unique needs of every customer and environment. Our experienced team of project managers and service technicians work together to provide the best solution whether you need an HVAC system repair, chiller rebuild, controls retrofit or more.

Integrated facility services and support to provide long-term, preventative maintenance.

As a C-suite leader, you know your corporate campus is a long-term investment. We can help you maximize its value with our facility assurance program—featuring customized, dedicated service and support—to extend the lifecycles for your choice of mechanical systems, automated controls and more. From on-going maintenance to periodic service and inspections, we will provide a specific facility assurance agreement to meet your needs and back it with a proven, experienced team of professionals.

"McKenney's is a company you can trust to give you quality services and expertise anytime day or night. It is with great satisfaction that i call McKenney's a 'Best in Class' provider."

—Steve Brumbelow, Regional Engineering Manager, CB Richard Ellis


Tailored Design, Team Approach Achieved at Chick-fil-A® Offices

With over 1,600 locations in 39 states, Chick-fil-A® has become one of the most prominent quick-serve restaurant chains in the U.S. The steady growth isn’t limited to its restaurants. Recently, McKenney’s was part of the construction team that trans-formed a parking deck warehouse space at Chick-fil-A’s corporate campus in College Park into 77,000 square feet of office and computer lab space.

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