10 Reasons buildingCONNECT is the Right Tool for the Job

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McKenney’s is over seventy years old. When my boss’ grandfather began selling and installing floor furnaces in the 1940s, the controls (such as they were) were 100% analog. To say things are different today is a monumental understatement. In the years that have followed, McKenney’s has not only developed the process and facilities to produce the hardware needed for even … Read More

Identify System Deficiencies to Improve Facility Operations

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Improving Facility Operations

The top goal of facilities management is to operate efficiently and effectively. This is true regardless of the industry or setting. Inefficient management wastes resources and increases costs. Good management improves the facility’s bottom line. The following are some best practices that can be implemented to help meet the goal of improving operations. Automate systems A facility’s major systems, such … Read More

The Core of Building Security

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Video surveillance has always been a core part of building security. Traditional security cameras have been transformed into an IP tool for better insight into security, safety, and human behavior. It’s ability to deter and monitor crime makes it the perfect piece for any smart building puzzle.

Trending Phishing Scams of 2018

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Phishing is a technique that involves tricking you into thinking you are on a secure website or responding to a legitimate business email to steal confidential information, passwords, etc. Phishing schemes are still one of the most serious threats to companies including internet giants like Google and Facebook. As criminals adapt their techniques, you (and your employees) should be aware of the scams … Read More

Want to Fix Cyber Security Communications? Ask Your Marketing Team!

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Do you feel your organization has already spent so much energy on Cyber Security and results are just getting worse? Perhaps your IT department has sent out dozens of communications and even required a painful security awareness video. Somehow employees are still falling prey to Social Engineering especially document sharing Phishing. If this sounds familiar the simple answer is:ask your … Read More

Why you NEED Multifactor Authentication

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If you’re like most people, you know Cyber Security is important. Not only that, you know you should be doing something more with passwords. But let’s face it — memorizing dozens of passwords or trusting a new process is daunting. This is where Multifactor Authentication comes in. Imagine not having to change a single password…EVER? 

Will Phishing in the Construction Industry Ever Stop?

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One can’t go a few days without hearing about a new cyber security vulnerability or reading about another company that had a massive data breach. You can almost say the same thing about phishing in the construction industry, where competent, respected individuals have his/her email account hacked and compromised and are sending out annoying phishing emails. How can you stop … Read More