Identify System Deficiencies to Improve Facility Operations

Improving Facility Operations

Improving Facility Operations

The top goal of facilities management is to operate efficiently and effectively. This is true regardless of the industry or setting. Inefficient management wastes resources and increases costs. Good management improves the facility’s bottom line. The following are some best practices that can be implemented to help meet the goal of improving operations.

Automate systems

A facility’s major systems, such as HVAC and lighting, should be automated so they can be controlled based on building occupancy. These systems are the two largest energy consumers in most buildings. The systems should be scheduled to operate on an as needed basis following the days and hours that the building will be occupied. This reduces energy usage and saves money. Conducting an energy analysis or assessment helps identify other areas which need to be addressed.

Upgrade equipment

Identify which systems may need to be upgraded. New technologies can often improve sustainability, boost efficiency, and lower costs. Tracking cost savings is fairly easy when upgrading lighting or HVAC systems. However, even upgrading office equipment such as printers and copiers can reduce energy costs.

Prioritize preventive maintenance

Regular preventive maintenance, particularly of mechanical systems, identifies potential problems and helps avoid costly repairs. Facilities managers should track and schedule required maintenance on all systems. Some routine monthly maintenance tasks, such as changing air filters, may be performed in-house. Other tasks, such as catch basin cleaning, may require periodic maintenance by professional contractors. Neglecting maintenance tasks can lead to unexpected repairs and damage to the facility. Using computer aided facility management or computerized maintenance management software helps to organize and streamline these essential tasks. The software helps management recognize opportunities for cost savings, eliminate unnecessary costs, and plan for upcoming expenses.

Safety and security challenges

Identify and correct problems with security systems, cameras, and other devices to discourage vandalism to property and break-ins. Correct potential safety issues on the property to prevent injuries to building occupants and visitors. Conduct a building audit or survey to help plan a strategy to protect occupants, resources, and assets.

Address maintenance requests promptly.

Develop a process to address reported problems promptly. Response time is critical for serious problems. Automated report ticketing expedites repairs.

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