Getting a SENSE for What to Do Next

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If you can’t tell, I’m proud of the software my team has developed for our customers. Over the previous months, we’ve talked about buildingHEALTH, which allows key dashboards to be shared across your faculty,  buildingCONNECT, our remote access software package, and buildingCONTROL the interface portion of McKenney’s control solution, but today I want to talk data. Analytics. Raw numbers. Today … Read More

Software Helping Teams Stay Safer

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Commercial offices have long lists of best practices to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through their doors, but what if your facility could leverage software to ensure a healthy building and predict a healthier environment? By the second quarter of 2020, our Automation & Controls team, deep in the trenches of COVID, was certain that our customers had … Read More

Delivering for Long-Time Customer

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McKenney’s is demonstrating the power of bdoc® Business Intelligence (BI) for BuildingsTM for new electrical and supporting HVAC systems at a Georgia broadcasting company’s central plant.   The Challenge The McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions (ACS) team had previously developed the broadcaster’s bdoc monitoring system for both HVAC and power equipment. As new equipment came online, the ACS team had … Read More

Program Manager Jill Myers Is a Keynote Panelist at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2015

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Our very own Jill Myers will be a keynote panelist at this year’s Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit.  Look for her at the “Building a Data Driven Culture” session on March 31!  More information about the summit can be found at