Bipolar Ionization: Sometimes the Best Defense is a Good Offense

Ryan YarboroughEngineering SolutionsLeave a Comment

As people begin to think about their return to “normal” in the wake of COVID-19, many questions remain regarding what can be done to minimize the risk of virus transmission in the office. Of the many solutions, bipolar ionization has promise when it comes to combatting the spread of viruses and can even help reduce your building’s energy usage. Additional … Read More

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Building HVAC Operations

Rick DustinEngineering Solutions1 Comment

Each of us is adjusting to a new “normal” in our lives.  A heightened sensitivity to sanitizing, washing hands and maintaining a six-foot separation, what constitutes an essential activity that would drive us to leave our homes, who should we interact with? All necessary questions in today’s environment.  But what are the impacts of COVID-19 on building HVAC operations and … Read More