Environmental Design and Water Reclamation Solutions

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Water reclamation promotes environmental sustainability, saves money, and efficiently uses resources, and it has therefore become increasingly popular in green building design. Many commercial buildings are now designed with onsite non-potable water reuse systems (ONWS). These unique water reuse systems allow the collection and storage of water on the property and have become an important consideration for building owners interested … Read More

How Advanced Materials Manufacturing Impacts the Construction Industry

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Manufacturing has always been a primary driver of innovation and economic growth in our country. Advanced materials manufacturing takes this innovation to a new level by embracing new technologies to meet the demands of our ever-changing world. Along the way, these advanced practices have created a wave of new construction opportunities in our region. Advanced materials manufacturing utilizes enhanced materials … Read More

Identifying Prefabrication Strategies During Project Preconstruction

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preconstruction project planning

McKenney’s knows that proper planning in the preconstruction phase of a building project is key to ensuring that construction moves forward on time and finishes on budget.  We develop and implement prefabrication strategies to make the construction process simpler and more efficient.  This works particularly well for projects that are on a tight schedule by eliminating potential delays. Prefabrication means … Read More

Servicing Facilities that Serve Us

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As the seasons change and the weather get colder, healthcare facilities get busier and busier. Viruses start to spread, and patients frantically schedule last-minute checkups and operations before the end of the year. During this season, healthcare facilities see many more patients, often straining their resources and facilities. It is important that during this time of increased demand, we show … Read More

Preconstruction Strategies – Sequencing vs Phasing

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Preconstruction Strategy planning

Construction sequencing and construction phasing are essential elements of the preconstruction process for any large commercial build, structural addition, or major renovation.  Large projects like these can take months to complete, so properly managing the sequencing and phasing is critical for reducing operational inefficiencies, keeping the work on track, and avoiding unnecessary interruptions and downtime. What is construction sequencing? Construction … Read More

Engineering For Easy Service

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At McKenney’s the systems we install are becoming more complicated by the day; it is not uncommon for service and accessibility to fall by the wayside during system layout. We are often asked to squeeze our ductwork and piping into a very crowded ceiling. Once other trades install their devices, it can become a challenge to come back to our … Read More

3 Ways to Prioritize Our Most Valuable Resource

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The Mission Critical construction world has long-embraced prefabrication and offsite component manufacturing. Prefabrication, in particular, was identified early in the industry as a catalyst to reduce project schedules and get whitespace online as quickly as possible. With the demand for Mission Critical projects growing faster than the workforce that builds them, it is becoming more important than ever to find … Read More