McKenney’s Shops Keep Projects Moving Smoothly

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Prefabricating components is often the most effective strategy to meet the demands of a tight project schedule. McKenney’s prefabricates assemblies and systems for most of our large and small-scale commercial HVAC and plumbing projects. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or retrofit, extensive prefabrication and modular construction increase safety, efficiency, and quality while supporting faster construction cycles in the field. Benefits … Read More

3 Ideas To Reduce Project Risks Using BIM Data

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been used to reduce risk on projects in the commercial construction industry for over 15 years. Effective BIM coordination most commonly reduces risk by identifying trade clashes before construction starts. To get the most value out of your BIM, look at the data inside the models.  Here are three places to start.     Today, there … Read More

Award-winning BIM and mechanical systems project at VERO Biotech

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Vero Biotech

AGC Awards McKenney’s 1st Place in Specialty Contractor Category. McKenney’s has won another major award from the Associated of General Contractors of Georgia (AGC Georgia). The company has been recognized as a 2022 first place winner in the Specialty Contractor category of the AGC Build Georgia Award, an annual competition to highlight member firms and projects that demonstrate excellence in … Read More

Engineering For Easy Service

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At McKenney’s the systems we install are becoming more complicated by the day; it is not uncommon for service and accessibility to fall by the wayside during system layout. We are often asked to squeeze our ductwork and piping into a very crowded ceiling. Once other trades install their devices, it can become a challenge to come back to our … Read More

How BIM Helps Companies Achieve LEED Certification

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McKenney's BIM team

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent process that makes the planning, design, and construction of buildings highly collaborative and efficient.  A range of professionals involved in a project including developers, architects, engineers, and contractors can design a structure within a 3D model.  Information from the model allows those driving the project to make more informed decisions.  When changes are … Read More

The Product of BIM and Prefabrication

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There is one formula that directly impacts project success for trade contractors: Success = BIM x Prefabrication High-quality BIM and well-executed fabrication mitigate many project risks and remove variability in the construction process resulting in success.  One thing you can do to ensure BIM and Prefabrication work together is leverage technology to connect them. The quality of project coordination and … Read More

Four Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Remote BIM Teams

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Maximize Productivity of Remote BIM Teams

Are you interested in maximizing the overall productivity of your BIM team? Keep reading to find out four specific actions that you can take to improve your remote team’s productivity through accountability, technology, and communications! BIM professionals are uniquely impacted by working from home. Many were already familiar with virtual meetings long before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Often, BIM professionals … Read More

5 Reasons Now is the Wrong Time to Invest in AR

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Beneficial uses for augmented reality (AR) in commercial and industrial settings are growing. AR hardware manufacturers and software developers continue to identify new applications for these tools. As the tools improve, business leaders must evaluate whether right now is the time to invest. I believe that it is not the right time to invest in AR… yet.