BIM—Revolutionary Designing

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BIM provides a innovative and comprehensive way of designing for contractors, engineers and architects. The model-based process is more economical and causes less environmental impact. As projects have become more elaborate and complex, small and large firms are finding value using BIM.   Check out the infographic after the jump to get a better understanding of BIM’s benefits and misconceptions.

New BIM Guideline in Development

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A new building information modeling (BIM) guideline is being developed by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). The goal? To help teams use BIM during design, construction, and operations, allowing for better support for facility performance requirements and uniform deliveries of BIM projects across markets.   Check out the full article here.  

Construction Capabilities

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We are combining building information modeling (BIM) with our industry-leading capabilities and superior processes in ways that provide multiple benefits for our customers. By leveraging the latest technologies and resources, we are able to produce accurate and detailed 3-D models, which are used for virtual construction, coordination and clash detection between trades and prefabrication. In addition, dynamic fly-through models allow … Read More

Navigating the Waters between Design and Construction

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) has promised to streamline the process from design to fabrication to operation in the built environment.  Is this the current reality of our market?  Are we able to truly leverage this promise with the current workflows and proficiencies of today’s participants and tools?  At the request and direction of the owner and architectural community, a large … Read More

BIM: The Virtual Jobsite

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Would you send your superintendent and team to a jobsite without a schedule, tools, or materials? How successful would you expect them to be? I would expect the answers to be, “No” and “Not very.” Yet our industry equips most of our BIM teams in exactly this way.