Job Well Done — Ahead of Schedule

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Project Name Peak 10 Data Center Chilled Water Plant and Distribution System Project Location Alpharetta, Georgia Project Team Owner: Peak 10, Inc. General Contractor: Balfour Beatty Architect: Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc. Engineer: Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc. Subcontractor: McKenney’s, Inc.

Is It Magic?

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Do you know what the ultimate focus of commissioning is or should be on your project? Depending on your role in a project, you will certainly have wide variety of answers to this question – but if it is done correctly a facility owner or operator will know exactly what the effort produces for their facility and its occupants.

Where does it end?

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In the past I have discussed in great detail the “process” of commissioning and how commissioning is applied into construction projects.  I have also discussed the transition to operational stability as a building or facility becomes occupied and fully functional in its intended use.  So when does the commissioning process actually end?

Retrocommissioning – What Am I Buying?

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Have you purchased a retrocommissioning project in the past few years? Perhaps you have and you were not really sure what it was that you got in return. Perhaps you have not because all the proposals you have received have you confused…how are you supposed to get funding for something when you are not even sure what IT IS you … Read More

The Commissioning Department’s Toolbox – Data Loggers

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The Commissioning Department’s capabilities extend far beyond the tasks outlined in our previous blog post, The Commissioning Technician: Roles and Responsibilities. Our department’s tool room hosts equipment for data logging, TAB related measurement, and air quality testing. This specialized equipment allows McKenney’s, Inc. to offer unique services to its customers. In this month’s blog post, we will discuss the application … Read More