Retrocommissioning for Education

Retrocommissioning for Education

Retrocommissioning for Education

It is often taken for granted by educators, students, and support staff that their campus buildings and facilities will be healthy, safe, and productive environments in which to work and learn.  Keeping the facilities comfortable for occupants while maintaining peak system performance requires both comprehensive strategies and efficient operations.  Large campuses with aging mechanical systems spread over a number of buildings can be a challenge to manage.  McKenney’s offers retrocommissioning services for educational clients.  We can partner with facilities managers to maximize the value of the campus investment and keep things running smoothly.

System Analysis

Since mechanical systems are constantly in use, they must be regularly maintained.  Aging systems need attention to prevent breakdowns.  Newer systems need to be routinely inspected and serviced to keep them operating at peak efficiency.  McKenney’s has knowledgeable teams that can identify potential issues before they become big problems.  Technicians perform onsite analysis to help prioritize items that need to be addressed and will recommend strategic solutions.  Identifying areas that have the potential to cause problems helps reduce repair costs and minimize downtime.  Comprehensive system analysis can allow for budgeting decisions to be made so that equipment can be replaced as necessary.

Customized Planning

McKenney’s helps clients plan for the future by developing a capital improvement plan with a list of long-term and short-term projects.  These can be implemented at times when they will cause the least disruption, such as over a summer break.  Careful planning of the implementation phase allows project management to coordinate with all contractors for optimal scheduling.  This ensures projects are completed on time and on budget with minimal interruption to the educational process.

Improvements and Sustainability

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The McKenney’s retrocommissioning team can assist clients in establishing and meeting their sustainability goals.  Eco-friendly initiatives can promote healthy and productive learning environments.  HVAC systems with wireless controls and occupancy sensing thermostats can track operating time and energy use.  These upgrades can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.  The McKenney’s team has enabled clients to improve building performance as they embrace green building principles and environmental sustainability.

McKenney’s Retrocommissioning for Educational Facilities

A successful retrocommissioning project is contingent upon an experienced team leading the effort.  As a full-service, single source provider, McKenney’s has the resources to conduct building analytics, engineering support, energy modeling, testing, and implementation.  We offer solutions to help clients realize savings on energy and maintenance costs while providing the most comfortable indoor environment for faculty and students.  Contact us today to get started.

Work for McKenney’s

McKenney’s is always looking for the best talent.  We focus on finding individuals to help us deliver innovative solutions to our customers.  We provide the training, resources, and support to enable our employees to grow in their careers.  McKenney’s offers a generous benefits package and promotes a healthy work-life balance.  Search our career openings and apply today.


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