How To Measure Comfort? Count The Complaints.

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, HVAC-related issues can have life-threatening consequences. Any disruption with the equipment and processes that medical personnel rely on can risk the safety and well-being of patients. It is imperative that healthcare facilities implement highly reliable HVAC and controls systems to safeguard continuous and uninterrupted services.   It seems simple enough, but identifying areas … Read More

McKenney’s Provides Remote Services For Peak Efficiency

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If you need system inspection, preventative maintenance, or startup assistance, McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions can now link your business remotely with our expert technicians. We specialize in open building automation systems with remote service and access capabilities to maintain your building’s systems and equipment with ZERO interruption to your business. Here are the many benefits of McKenney’s remote service … Read More

Optimizing Your Building Automation System

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As summer approaches, building owners and property managers need to prepare for the seasonal changes that come with it. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring your building automation system is up-to-date and prepared to handle the changing needs of the building. HVAC Optimization HVAC Optimization is crucial when temperatures begin to rise. You should optimize … Read More

Freeze Protection

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Freeze Protection

Typically, the Southeast has a warmer climate than much of the country, but for a significant portion of the year, cold weather and freezing temperatures set in. After a record-setting summer, this may sound like a welcome change. However, seasonal shift brings various concerns for facility owners and property managers. Specifically, freezing temperatures can pose a significant risk for property damage. Once … Read More

Getting a SENSE for What to Do Next

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If you can’t tell, I’m proud of the software my team has developed for our customers. Over the previous months, we’ve talked about buildingHEALTH, which allows key dashboards to be shared across your faculty,  buildingCONNECT, our remote access software package, and buildingCONTROL the interface portion of McKenney’s control solution, but today I want to talk data. Analytics. Raw numbers. Today … Read More

Take Proactive Protection from McKenney’s buildingCONTROL

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I’m a computer nerd. And I’ve built some amazing workstations over the years. But regardless of what you do or don’t put under the hood, every system needs a controller. Every car needs a steering wheel. Every light needs a switch. The facility you’re responsible for is no different. Unlike your home, industrial and commercial mechanical systems are made up … Read More

10 Reasons buildingCONNECT is the Right Tool for the Job

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McKenney’s is over seventy years old. When my boss’ grandfather began selling and installing floor furnaces in the 1940s, the controls (such as they were) were 100% analog. To say things are different today is a monumental understatement. In the years that have followed, McKenney’s has not only developed the process and facilities to produce the hardware needed for even … Read More

Automated Control Systems Enhance Efficiency and Comfort Levels

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automated control systems

Facilities managers can optimize the performance of their building’s systems through automation control solutions.  The building automation systems (BAS) typically found in newer buildings allow for easy monitoring of HVAC, lighting, security and surveillance, fire safety, plumbing, and mechanical systems such as elevators.  A controlled network of hardware and software controls and monitors the systems.  It allows multiple types of … Read More

Software Helping Teams Stay Safer

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Commercial offices have long lists of best practices to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through their doors, but what if your facility could leverage software to ensure a healthy building and predict a healthier environment? By the second quarter of 2020, our Automation & Controls team, deep in the trenches of COVID, was certain that our customers had … Read More

Cold Weather Property Maintenance Tips

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Office exterior in cold weather and winter

Winter has arrived in the Southeast, and that means we can see a variety of weather.  Some days are sunny and mild, while others are cold, wet, and raw.  Occasional snow or ice storms can create havoc for a few days.  Temperature fluctuations can be a challenge for commercial property managers and their maintenance teams.  The following are some cold … Read More