The Benefits of Being a Co-op at McKenney’s

McKenney’s has a long-standing tradition of hiring students through their decades-old co-op program. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many schools in the southeast. Today, McKenney’s employs about … Read More

“Expecting the Unexpected as a Precaution”

A couple of years ago, Ben Baldwin, McKenney’s Pipe Shop Superintendent, posed an interesting metaphorical question that is just as relevant today, especially as we focus on addressing McKenney’s Blind Spots … Read More

McKenney’s Holiday Safety

We’re quickly approaching the end of a busy year, and we’re well into the holiday season. This time of year is for fellowship, celebration, plays and recitals, shopping, and a … Read More

Freeze Protection

Freeze Protection

Typically, the Southeast has a warmer climate than much of the country, but for a significant portion of the year, cold weather and freezing temperatures set in. After a record-setting … Read More

Focusing on Goals to Remain Resilient

Are you feeling worn out from being on constant alert? Read on for ways to cope with fatigue and discover how to remain resilient in the workplace.