Fall Fixes that Will Save You Money this Winter

Storm sewer gutter drain grate in city street curb covered in melting snow and leaves after an autumn snowstorm

Storm sewer gutter drain grate in city street curb covered in melting snow and leaves after an autumn snowstorm

While 2021 might have been the most different year in recent memory, Fall has come right on schedule.  The season changes from hot and humid to cooler, sunny days and drier weather.  While it can be tempting to mentally jump forward to the most wonderful time of the year, there are a few fixes you can focus on this fall to set yourself up for, if not a warmer winter, than at least one with less maintenance.

The last thing you need turning the corner into winter is to be dealing with the issues from the fall, and the single biggest area that needs your attention are the leaves and other organic debris that inevitably collect in storm drains, catch basins, manholes, and other underground drainage systems. It’s not an understatement to say these wreak havoc when winter rains and storms come.

Some Proactive Maintenance

Take care of critical underground drainage systems now before major problems occur.  Not only can this keep unexpected repair costs down, some municipalities, including the City of Atlanta, have ordinances requiring an annual inspection.

  • Video inspectionMcKenney’s can provide a video analysis of your building’s drainage system.  This lets your team see exactly where the problems lie.
  • Storm sewer maintenance – McKenney’s will inspect, flush, and remove any debris.  Our hydrovac truck uses pressurized water to clean the lines and clear obstructions.  After that, the debris is vacuumed out through the closest manhole and removed from your property.
  • Manhole maintenance – Clogged manholes cause flooding issues in parking lots that are more than an inconvenience.  When it can’t drain as designed, water may back up into the building, causing further property damage.  McKenney’s has years of experience not only removing debris, but also making repairs as needed to brickwork, pipe seals, and joints.
  • Clean sand traps – Sand traps are designed to remove sand and floatable materials from the drainage system and prevent blockages.  So regular cleaning keeps things running smoothly.
  • Clean stormwater detention vault – Like sand traps, these underground structures manage excess stormwater runoff from your site to prevent flooding and reduce erosion.  They vary in size and need regular cleaning, just like the rest of the system.
  • Catch basin jetting – Catch basins regulate and distribute underground drainage flow away from your facility.  McKenney’s hydrovac trucks clean and remove debris and sludge from catch basins so they perform optimally.

Enjoy Winter

As exciting as it is to look forward to all that winter brings, neglecting critical systems in the fall can have ripple effects to your operating costs. With just a little bit of preventative maintenance, plumbing experts like McKenney’s can help reduce those repair bills due that come from clogged and flooded underground drainage systems.

While we have 24-hour response, don’t wait for an emergency to take action.  McKenney’s is currently offering fall clean up specials.  Contact us today to schedule these fall fixes that will save your company money and aggravation this winter.

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