The Benefits of Being a Co-op at McKenney’s

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McKenney’s has a long-standing tradition of hiring students through their decades-old co-op program. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many schools in the southeast. Today, McKenney’s employs about 40 co-ops during any given semester. What attracts these students to work with McKenney’s? What is a co-op? A co-op is a student who works full-time for a semester instead … Read More

Advantages of DDC Systems for Your Building’s HVAC Systems

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Interior of contemporary multi-floor business center with large windows

Though they can benefit buildings in all markets, commercial buildings are particularly well suited for direct digital control (DDC) systems. DDC systems offer several key advantages over traditional pneumatic systems for controlling a building’s HVAC systems. Both systems can perform the same functions, but DDC is simpler to work with and troubleshoot, and can be controlled and adjusted from a … Read More

McKenney’s Delivers the Right Mechanical System Solutions for Commercial Office Spaces

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Commercial office space

McKenney’s has the expertise to deliver the right mechanical system solutions for commercial offices and corporate campuses.  With locations in Atlanta and Charlotte, McKenney’s is well-positioned to offer services across the Southeast.  We specialize in cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions that meet our client’s unique needs and requirements. New Construction McKenney’s is a single-source, full-service provider of mechanical systems for commercial buildings.  … Read More

Twice the National Average: Suicide in the Construction Industry

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McKenney's construction workers

Men working in construction have one of the highest suicide rates compared to other industries, according to the CDC: a reported 49.4 out of 100,000, or twice the total suicide rate for civilian working men. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and McKenney’s, along with many in our industry, places special focus on mental health issues and suicide prevention. In … Read More

5 Ways to Own Your Career Development

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Many adults think of structured education as something that ends with a degree hanging on their office wall but that is not always the case. Maybe we Google stray questions or occasionally look up a how-to video on YouTube, but very few of us have a structured learning plan for our development. McKenney’s prioritizes and invests in learning: so much … Read More

Software Helping Teams Stay Safer

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Commercial offices have long lists of best practices to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through their doors, but what if your facility could leverage software to ensure a healthy building and predict a healthier environment? By the second quarter of 2020, our Automation & Controls team, deep in the trenches of COVID, was certain that our customers had … Read More

Now Hiring – Commissioning Techs

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YOU’RE UNIQUE. FORTUNATELY, SO ARE WE. McKenney’s is committed to diversity based on inclusion, understanding and acceptance. We know that our individuality and distinct backgrounds are what help make our company great. We foster a safe, friendly workplace that reflects a full range of perspectives, tastes and preferences. McKenney’s is looking for Commissioning Techs to join our team in Atlanta. … Read More

Celebrating 70 Years in Business

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As many of you know, this year marks a special milestone for McKenney’s – 70 years in business! We want to share with you some of our fondest memories and share how we are celebrating this amazing accomplishment.