The Benefits of Being a Co-op at McKenney’s

McKenney’s has a long-standing tradition of hiring students through their decades-old co-op program. Over the years, we have developed relationships with many schools in the southeast. Today, McKenney’s employs about 40 co-ops during any given semester. What attracts these students to work with McKenney’s?

What is a co-op?

A co-op is a student who works full-time for a semester instead of an intern, who typically works part-time hours. This allows the student to focus on the job and gain work experience without splitting their time with their studies. Some college majors even require the completion of a co-op program to graduate.

Why does McKenney’s prefer to work with co-ops over interns?

When students accept a co-op position at McKenney’s, they commit to working three full-time semesters with the company. These semesters can be back-to-back or rotated with full-time school semesters. The combination of full-time focus and the ability to improve with each semester allows the students to be highly effective. Students invest more time and provide significant contributions to our organization.

Why do students choose McKenney’s?

After reviewing feedback from previous students, we have some idea why students gravitate towards McKenney’s.

  1. McKenney’s has a good reputation with excellent schools. Schools like Georgia Tech, Clemson, Auburn, UGA, and Kennesaw send co-ops to McKenney’s. Recruiting has worked with these schools for years, so the students are familiar with the company.
  2. Students encourage others to work with McKenney’s. What is more impactful than a friend telling you why you should join the company they work for? Students that refer someone to work for McKenney’s are also eligible for a referral bonus.
  3. McKenney’s is one of the best places to work in Atlanta and Charlotte. The culture at McKenney’s is unmatched. The people are helpful, the work is engaging, the facilities are pleasant to work in, and most of all, we celebrate our wins.
  4. McKenney’s typically hires from within. McKenney’s uses the co-op program as a hiring pool. Who better for the job than someone that has spent several semesters learning from us? Many of our leadership team consists of former co-ops. Those numbers speak for themselves.
  5. Students that complete all their rotations with McKenney’s are eligible for tuition reimbursement. Students can consult their managers to see if they qualify.

McKenney’s is not the only organization that has a co-op program. Other companies see the benefits of hiring students who firmly commit to the organization. Good students usually have multiple options, so other companies will court them just as much as McKenney’s if they are a good candidate. We must continue offering outstanding benefits to attract the best talent possible.

Would you like to know more about McKenney’s available co-op positions? Comment below or follow the link to find out more!

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