Why Should Students Consider The McKenney’s Co-op Program?

McKenney’s has a long history of hiring college students through our co-op program. We currently partner with several universities across the Southeast and employ over 60 co-op students every semester.



A co-op differs from an internship in that students work full-time hours with McKenney’s for a full semester rather than working part-time while also attending classes. The full-time commitment allows students to fully immerse themselves in the real-world experience. McKenney’s interns and co-ops are always paid and have the opportunity to receive raises after each semester. Some college programs now require students to complete a co-op for graduation, and most universities will also give students a distinction on their diploma.



When students co-op with McKenney’s, they commit to working a minimum of two full-time semesters. These semesters can be back-to-back or rotated with full-time school semesters. This continuity and ability to build on each work term makes co-ops highly productive members of the McKenney’s team, as they substantially contribute to essential company initiatives. 67% of McKenney’s current leadership started as co-op students, learning the business from the ground up with potential for advancement.



Lynn Avery | Vice President of Interiors & Special Projects

“Since starting at McKenney’s as a co-op student over 30 years ago, I have been able to fulfill my passions for construction, mentoring, and working with diverse teams. All these years later, I am still challenged every day!”

Chris Shirah | Vice President of Healthcare

“I started as a co-op at McKenney’s 20 years ago. At that time, I knew nothing about HVAC construction, but I quickly fell in love with it. My co-op experience gave me an opportunity to really explore and confirm what I wanted to do for my career, and it gave me a huge head start over peers in the industry. Today, I lead a team of people who are passionate about making our customers successful and growing the next generation of leaders!”

Christopher Alford | Operations Manager

“My experience as a co-op at McKenney’s 15 years ago was a launchpad for my career, offering real-world exposure, mentorship, and opportunities for growth in the commercial construction industry. It’s more than a job; it’s a pathway to becoming a skilled professional in a diverse, supportive, and innovative environment!”



McKenney’s provides exceptional opportunities for co-op students from a wide range of academic backgrounds from:

  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • And more!

McKenney’s has divisions in project management, commercial construction, logistics, field operations, supply chain, safety, and data analytics, providing co-ops ample opportunities to gain experience and develop skills across a wide range of areas.

Students collaborate with full-time professionals to gain hands-on experience while contributing fresh perspectives from their own majors. Whether utilizing analytical skills for data analytics, managing complex logistics processes, monitoring job sites for safety compliance, handling finances and accounting tasks, communicating with stakeholders and clients, or providing IT support and solutions, co-ops at McKenney’s make meaningful impacts across the organization’s diverse operations. The real-world knowledge and skills co-ops develop in their fields prepare them for promising careers.




McKenney’s has an excellent reputation with highly-regarded schools such as Georgia Tech, Clemson, Auburn, UGA, and Kennesaw State University, and students recognize McKenney’s as a prestigious place to gain professional experience while pursuing their education. Previous co-op students have also given positive reviews about their experiences at McKenney’s, many encouraging their friends and classmates to also apply to the co-op program. We view this as a mutually-beneficial arrangement: McKenney’s continues to attract high-quality co-op talent while benefiting from personal recommendations by successful co-op participants. Students who refer others who ultimately join the McKenney’s co-op program receive a bonus,  increasing visibility and awareness of our co-op program opportunities.

In addition, for years the Charlotte and Atlanta Business Journals have rated McKenney’s as one of the top places to work because our unique culture. Employees describe the workplace as helpful, engaging, and enjoyable, with pleasant facilities. Most importantly, there is a shared spirit of celebrating successes together.



Co-op students who complete all rotations with McKenney’s can qualify for tuition reimbursement, subject to manager approval based on policies and eligible criteria.



So, are you interested in a McKenney’s co-op position?  Please refer to this link and apply! We are looking forward to meeting you!


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