Retrocommissioning Optimizes Mechanical Systems at Healthcare Facilities

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on critical mechanical systems to run smoothly and efficiently. HVAC systems are one of the biggest energy users in a facility and provide indoor comfort for staff and patients by regulating temperature and humidity levels. This involves maintaining different temperature ranges in various areas of the facility, including operating rooms, labs, exam rooms, patient … Read More

Georgia Power Offers Rebate for Retrocommissioning Projects

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McKenney’s is excited to share that Georgia Power is now offering customers a $0.10/kWh rebate for retro-commissioning projects, also known as “building tune-ups.” This is exciting news because what was already a very attractive ROI from a financial standpoint just got even better. Not only do you mitigate risk by having your equipment and systems perform better, but you’re also … Read More

The Importance of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Your HVAC System

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Testing, adjusting, and balancing your HVAC system ensures that all components are working together as they should. This keeps everything running efficiently and maximizes the system’s performance. Testing checks system components for factors such as the volume of airflow, pressure levels, and heat transfer rate. Adjusting implements changes or modifications so the system operates properly. Balancing equalizes conditions throughout the … Read More

McKenney’s Provides Test & Balance Services

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Temperature imbalances in homes are often ignored because the solution usually requires a system replacement, which can be pricey and time-consuming. However, with the proper knowledge and equipment, an HVAC professional can fix these issues by optimizing your current system without an expensive replacement. HVAC distribution problems can plague residences and commercial buildings alike, and the solution can be as … Read More

Servicing Facilities that Serve Us

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As the seasons change and the weather get colder, healthcare facilities get busier and busier. Viruses start to spread, and patients frantically schedule last-minute checkups and operations before the end of the year. During this season, healthcare facilities see many more patients, often straining their resources and facilities. It is important that during this time of increased demand, we show … Read More

How BIM Helps Companies Achieve LEED Certification

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McKenney's BIM team

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent process that makes the planning, design, and construction of buildings highly collaborative and efficient.  A range of professionals involved in a project including developers, architects, engineers, and contractors can design a structure within a 3D model.  Information from the model allows those driving the project to make more informed decisions.  When changes are … Read More

Software Helping Teams Stay Safer

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Commercial offices have long lists of best practices to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through their doors, but what if your facility could leverage software to ensure a healthy building and predict a healthier environment? By the second quarter of 2020, our Automation & Controls team, deep in the trenches of COVID, was certain that our customers had … Read More

Energy Assessments Point the Way Toward Operational Improvement

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Energy usage can account for one-third of a commercial building’s operating costs. Integrating energy efficient strategies can lead to reduced energy use and operational improvements and savings.  Regular performance reviews and periodic auditing of a building’s equipment and systems helps ensure that everything is operating efficiently. Benefits to the facility may include a reduction in operating costs, greater comfort level for building … Read More