McKenney’s Solves Renovation Needs for Commercial Projects

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A building’s needs often change throughout its lifespan. A new tenant may require renovations and special projects. Additionally, interior spaces may need reconfiguring to meet clients’ unique demands. Aging mechanical or plumbing systems may need to be replaced with more energy-efficient ones. Lastly, outdated automation and control systems that are no longer adequate may need to be upgraded to maximize … Read More

LEED v4.1 and Low-Emitting Building Materials

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3D image of a environmentally friendly LEED certified office space

LEED v4.1 is the latest update to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED v4 ratings system.  Launched in 2019, version 4.1 is considered to be the next generation standard for green building design, construction, operations, and performance.  Among other new standards, the LEED v4.1 guidelines include specific updates that focus on Interior Design and Construction.  These changes apply to recertification … Read More

Building for Your Tenant in Times of COVID-19

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It seems these days every aspect of our lives has been touched by COVID-19,   including the construction industry. The nature of construction involves teams of people working together to build something, and if not approached correctly, can lead to unsafe conditions and exposure to COVID-19. By adhering to correct preventative measures and by following a few safety best practices, we can keep … Read More