Is Your Aging Commercial HVAC Struggling to Maintain Comfort?

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Is your aging commercial HVAC system finding it challenging to maintain indoor comfort? As the temperatures change, your HVAC system may face increased stress, and must put in extra effort to maintain a comfortable environment for those inside. This can lead to your HVAC system running non-stop to meet the demands, subjecting it to daily wear and tear that can … Read More

Three Important Reasons to Schedule Storm Drain Cleaning

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A commonly overlooked part of commercial property management is storm drain maintenance, and it’s often neglected until an emergency occurs. Blocked storm drains can back up after heavy rains, causing significant flooding, erosion, and other property damage. Maintaining storm drains on private property is typically the property owner’s responsibility and must be inspected annually. McKenney’s recommends an annual inspection of … Read More

Innovating Mechanical Solutions at UGA

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McKenney’s and Turner Construction Company installed HVAC and plumbing systems for a four-story STEM research building on the University of Georgia’s main campus. The project’s scope included approximately 100,000 square feet of office and laboratory space and mechanical penthouse space on the fourth floor. The team had to ensure that the unique requirements of both space types were met, including … Read More

Overcoming Challenges in Commercial Mechanical System Retrofits

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Retrofitting projects for commercial Whether the retrofit is due to systems or components reaching the end of their life or due to a major remodeling of a facility, adaptations will be necessary to integrate the new or upgraded system into an existing building. There are two types of retrofits – equipment change-out and system upgrades. Equipment Change Out Sometimes HVAC … Read More

How To Measure Comfort? Count The Complaints.

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, HVAC-related issues can have life-threatening consequences. Any disruption with the equipment and processes that medical personnel rely on can risk the safety and well-being of patients. It is imperative that healthcare facilities implement highly reliable HVAC and controls systems to safeguard continuous and uninterrupted services.   It seems simple enough, but identifying areas … Read More

The Importance of Annual Sewer Line Inspections

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McKenney’s recommends an annual inspection of sewer lines in commercial buildings. Sewer line inspections identify potential problems that could result in costly property damage due to flooding and backups. This inspection should be considered part of the building’s routine plumbing preventative maintenance. Sewer lines can become obstructed by a variety of things. Foreign objects flushed down a toilet can create … Read More

Retrocommissioning Optimizes Mechanical Systems at Healthcare Facilities

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities depend on critical mechanical systems to run smoothly and efficiently. HVAC systems are one of the biggest energy users in a facility and provide indoor comfort for staff and patients by regulating temperature and humidity levels. This involves maintaining different temperature ranges in various areas of the facility, including operating rooms, labs, exam rooms, patient … Read More

Georgia Power Offers Rebate for Retrocommissioning Projects

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McKenney’s is excited to share that Georgia Power is now offering customers a $0.10/kWh rebate for retro-commissioning projects, also known as “building tune-ups.” This is exciting news because what was already a very attractive ROI from a financial standpoint just got even better. Not only do you mitigate risk by having your equipment and systems perform better, but you’re also … Read More

Advantages of a SWUD Unit for Your Commercial Building

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Trying to keep everyone comfortable with multiple floors and different types of tenants in large commercial buildings can be challenging. With rising energy costs, facilities managers often look for cost-saving solutions for their mechanical systems. Whether installing HVAC systems in new construction or looking to replace aging or inefficient systems that have reached the end of their lifespan, opting for … Read More

The Importance of Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Your HVAC System

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Testing, adjusting, and balancing your HVAC system ensures that all components are working together as they should. This keeps everything running efficiently and maximizes the system’s performance. Testing checks system components for factors such as the volume of airflow, pressure levels, and heat transfer rate. Adjusting implements changes or modifications so the system operates properly. Balancing equalizes conditions throughout the … Read More