Optimizing Your Building Automation System

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As summer approaches, building owners and property managers need to prepare for the seasonal changes that come with it. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring your building automation system is up-to-date and prepared to handle the changing needs of the building. HVAC Optimization HVAC Optimization is crucial when temperatures begin to rise. You should optimize … Read More

Is It Time To Repair or Replace?

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A SWUD, a compact, modular HVAC unit, allows for the total cooling and conditioning of the air in commercial buildings with its complete mechanical system housed within. SWUD, or Self-contained Water-Cooled Unitary Device, is a departure from the HVAC systems of the past. McKenney’s can help you determine whether repairing or replacing your SWUD unit is the better option for … Read More

McKenney’s Delivers the Right Mechanical System Solutions for Commercial Office Spaces

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Commercial office space

McKenney’s has the expertise to deliver the right mechanical system solutions for commercial offices and corporate campuses.  With locations in Atlanta and Charlotte, McKenney’s is well-positioned to offer services across the Southeast.  We specialize in cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions that meet our client’s unique needs and requirements. New Construction McKenney’s is a single-source, full-service provider of mechanical systems for commercial buildings.  … Read More

Identifying Prefabrication Strategies During Project Preconstruction

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preconstruction project planning

McKenney’s knows that proper planning in the preconstruction phase of a building project is key to ensuring that construction moves forward on time and finishes on budget.  We develop and implement prefabrication strategies to make the construction process simpler and more efficient.  This works particularly well for projects that are on a tight schedule by eliminating potential delays. Prefabrication means … Read More

Three Key Reasons to Maintain Commercial Storm Drains

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Storm drain

Storm drains are found in various areas on commercial and industrial properties.  They are connected to wastewater systems that carry away rainwater during heavy rains.  Property owners are responsible for maintaining the storm drains on their property.  McKenney’s recommends that storm drains be inspected and cleaned out at least once a year to prevent backups and other problems.  The following … Read More

Engineering For Easy Service

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At McKenney’s the systems we install are becoming more complicated by the day; it is not uncommon for service and accessibility to fall by the wayside during system layout. We are often asked to squeeze our ductwork and piping into a very crowded ceiling. Once other trades install their devices, it can become a challenge to come back to our … Read More

Software Helping Teams Stay Safer

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Commercial offices have long lists of best practices to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through their doors, but what if your facility could leverage software to ensure a healthy building and predict a healthier environment? By the second quarter of 2020, our Automation & Controls team, deep in the trenches of COVID, was certain that our customers had … Read More

Cold Weather Property Maintenance Tips

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Office exterior in cold weather and winter

Winter has arrived in the Southeast, and that means we can see a variety of weather.  Some days are sunny and mild, while others are cold, wet, and raw.  Occasional snow or ice storms can create havoc for a few days.  Temperature fluctuations can be a challenge for commercial property managers and their maintenance teams.  The following are some cold … Read More

Protect Your Commercial Property from Heavy Rain Damage

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As we move into spring, many areas of the country prepare for the possibility of strong storm systems to move through. Spring weather is unpredictable and often volatile. The temperature swings back and forth between warm and cold. When these different air masses collide, this can result in violent thunderstorms often producing heavy rains. This is the time of year to take preventive measures to ensure your commercial property is protected against damage that can happen when heavy rain occurs over a short period of time.

The Cost of Building Neglect

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Commercial building maintenance is an ongoing task. It may seem like a chore, but problems don’t usually go away on their own. In fact, they may only worsen over time. Regular building maintenance and inspections enhance the performance of the systems, minimize downtime, and reduce costs.