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I’m a computer nerd. And I’ve built some amazing workstations over the years. But regardless of what you do or don’t put under the hood, every system needs a controller. Every car needs a steering wheel. Every light needs a switch.

The facility you’re responsible for is no different.

Unlike your home, industrial and commercial mechanical systems are made up of dozens of systems – all adjacent to, many impacting, one another.

In the early days, these systems had to be independent. Technology hadn’t gotten us to the point where there was an alternative. Beginning in the early 1990s, however, we began to see control options to combine functions into a single interface. Today, facility managers expect to be able to push changes to their automation systems from a single dashboard.

Thanks in large part to our 70 years of experience, McKenney’s buildingCONTROL is the top choice for your building’s automation system. The combination of both open-source hardware and software allows us to not only provide the right product for our customers, but also peace of mind.


Rather than shackling ourselves (and our customers) to a single OEM or platform, buildingCONTROL integrates with a spectrum of different system brands: meaning you have the freedom to choose the right product.


Data only gets you so far. BuildingCONTROL offers actionable insights you can leverage your data into informed business and operational decisions.


Say goodbye to pulling logs. The dashboard in buildingCONTROL allows you to proactively stay ahead of the curve.

Easy Access

Rather than forcing users to install applications on specific devices, buildingCONTROL is built for web browsers, allowing for easy access from a wide range of devices and operating systems from anywhere in the world.


Inaccessible tools don’t do any good. The buildingCONTROL user interface is constantly updated to ensure a seamless customer experience.


Round-the-clock visibility is guaranteed with buildingCONTROL. You have visibility into your facility’s performance 24/7.

It’s all too common to focus on what mechanical systems are capable of, and neglect to inspect the brain that will drive that capability for maximum output. By layering buildingCONTROL on top of your system, facility automation and control system will always be within reach.

In the meantime, if you have a question for our team feel free to leave a comment below and explore the rest of McKenneys.com for more information.

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Stephen Johnson is the Vice President of the Automation & Control Solutions group at McKenney’s. This premier team—made up of control engineers and service and project management professionals—designs and implements customized automation solutions for both new and existing buildings.

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