Taking Command of Controls

buildingintelligence2_smallerMcKenney’s installed energy-saving direct digital controls (DDC) to existing HVAC systems in 77 buildings at a Georgia repair facility that supports a U.S military branch.

The Challenge

McKenney’s discovered the condition of some existing HVAC systems didn’t quite match expectations. Connecting the new DDC systems to the facility’s network was going to require a high level of technical expertise from the team. While on site, there was also limited time to survey project requirements and the team had to follow strict security procedures around guarded buildings.

The Solution

To get the multiple HVAC systems in proper working order, McKenney’s coordinated efforts with the on-site public works department. Field engineering done to both optimize HVAC systems performance and then install and connect their new digital controls to the facility’s network. Throughout the project, McKenney’s adhered to base protocols for security.

The Results

The facility can now begin to realize energy savings by identifying mechanical issues, keeping systems within range and only operating systems when buildings are in use.

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