Building Automated Smart Cities of the Future

Urbanization is the global trend compelling cities to become more complex due to dense populations. The UN predicts people living in urban areas will increase from 55% to 68%.



The government is exploring the reality of a “smart city” that leverages technology and real-time data analytics to deliver maximum efficiencies across all infrastructure.


Some of the most common challenges facing smart city projects include:

  • The solution requires multiple departments to align
  • Procurement processes are not designed for quick updates of new solutions
  • Progress is slowed by elections and other political cycle challenges
  • Citywide systems do not talk to one another which creates a problem for data sharing


Based on these challenges, one of the critical steps in enabling smart cities is to ensure they are built on open solution platforms that allow for maximum flexibility, scalability and efficiency. McKenney’s has helped government and private enterprise come together to develop solutions, often in “phases” that allow for steady investment.


McKenney’s Automation & Control Solutions is your partner for innovative, integrated-services and solutions that enable managers, occupants and owners to realize unprecedented levels of comfort, cost savings and energy efficiency. Choose McKenney’s ACS and get complete control of energy management, HVAC controls and security solutions for the life cycle of your building.


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