Using Big Data to Tackle Building Energy Waste

buildingintelligence2_smallerCommercial buildings and facilities can be big major contributors to energy waste each year–totaling up to $200 billion annually. But as technologies advance, we’re beginning to see enterprises use big data to identify and correct inefficiencies.


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Fred Gordy is the operational technology manager for the McKenney's Enterprise Intelligence Group and is responsible for the technology strategy for the Automation & Control Solutions team. Fred has focused on control system cybersecurity for the past few years and has built a network of cybersecurity professionals to grow knowledge for the control system at large. He is also the current chair for InsideIQ's cybersecurity committee. Fred's portfolio includes projects with Chevron Energy Services at Eglin Air Force Base to reduce operating expense through real-time analysis as well as developing secure power monitoring systems for a national IDC, a national retail chain, and an international media company.

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