Foundation to Smart Buildings

There isn’t one distinct thing a building can change to become “smart”. Buildings and its occupants are unique and require a unique approach. I’ll share with  you foundations of upgrading from a modern building to becoming a smart building.



Automation technology is the foundation of a Smart Building.

If the technology is too old to support modern add-ons, then the IoT projects can be dead on arrival. Another foundation to Smart Buildings is to bring previously separate systems together. Today most buildings are built with separate controls systems to operate different functions of the buildings such as HVAC, lighting, security and elevators. Building systems are too critical and are too interconnected with other functions that do not have a cyber security plan in place. It is more complicated to operate a building when these systems run on separate servers.

Cyber security should be completed alongside other automation upgrades. A building cannot be “smart” unless it is secure. Interconnecting the building’s control systems and the building’s IT systems is an important change and is not easy.

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