Center Build Presents New Challenges

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The Challenge Aggressive schedule for base build, interiors upfit and controls installation Compliance to the owner’s budget The Solution Installed mechanical systems to improve air quality while maintaining physical distancing Target Value Design

Living Our Value of CARE

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The holidays are in full swing, and although many of this year’s celebrations may look different than in years past, one thing remains the same: our dedication to CARE as a company and as individuals. Throughout the year, we have witnessed the true character, grit and compassion of our amazing employees and their families as we have all faced challenges … Read More

Building for Your Tenant in Times of COVID-19

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It seems these days every aspect of our lives has been touched by COVID-19,   including the construction industry. The nature of construction involves teams of people working together to build something, and if not approached correctly, can lead to unsafe conditions and exposure to COVID-19. By adhering to correct preventative measures and by following a few safety best practices, we can keep … Read More

Cybersecurity: Tips & Tricks

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With cybersecurity routinely in the news, one would think that criminals couldn’t fool anyone with their scams. However, one security firm, Atlas VPN, estimates cybercrime is a $1.5 trillion dollar industry—that’s 3 times the size of Walmart.

This Fall, Leave the Maintenance Up To Us!

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The change in season means a new maintenance concern: leaves and other debris in your drain lines. Call McKenney’s Plumbing Services to have our hydro excavation services flush out your drains, cleaning out leaves, sticks and other fall debris that can lead to blockages, wash-outs, cave-ins and sinkholes.

What In The World Is RPA?

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If “machine learning” sounds like the beginning of a bleak dystopian future, then think of it as if you mixed The Terminator with The Matrix. “Robotic process automation” must be the phase when the machines rise to rule humankind with ruthless efficiency, right?