Site Monitoring Solutions for Commercial Properties

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Site Monitoring solutions enhance the performance of a building’s various systems to ensure the building is safe, comfortable, secure, and energy efficient. Intelligent data-enabled automation and controls means that HVAC, lighting, security, and surveillance can be integrated on a single platform to enable facilities managers to make informed decisions.

Energy Assessments Point the Way Toward Operational Improvement

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Energy usage can account for one-third of a commercial building’s operating costs. Integrating energy efficient strategies can lead to reduced energy use and operational improvements and savings.  Regular performance reviews and periodic auditing of a building’s equipment and systems helps ensure that everything is operating efficiently. Benefits to the facility may include a reduction in operating costs, greater comfort level for building … Read More

The Cost of Building Neglect

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Commercial building maintenance is an ongoing task. It may seem like a chore, but problems don’t usually go away on their own. In fact, they may only worsen over time. Regular building maintenance and inspections enhance the performance of the systems, minimize downtime, and reduce costs.

5 Reasons Now is the Wrong Time to Invest in AR

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Beneficial uses for augmented reality (AR) in commercial and industrial settings are growing. AR hardware manufacturers and software developers continue to identify new applications for these tools. As the tools improve, business leaders must evaluate whether right now is the time to invest. I believe that it is not the right time to invest in AR… yet.

Five Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

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In contrast to residential systems, commercial plumbing systems are under much more pressure and are often subject to heavy use, making them more prone to break down. If dealt with quickly, minor issues are likely to be easy to resolve. If plumbing repairs are postponed, the resulting damage will likely lead to costly expenditures down the road.

Requirements for LEED Zero Certification

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Launched in 2018, the LEED Zero certification is a relatively new designation in the building industry. To understand its meaning and implications, we should first examine the original LEED certification program. LEED certification has been a standard in the building industry since the 1990s. Environmentally conscious companies, architects and builders have sought to reduce the environmental impact of their facilities by building green. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is an independent non-profit organization that maintains a rating system called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is recognized worldwide as a symbol of sustainability achievement.

How Updated CDC Guidance on COVID Transmission Impacts HVAC Systems

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With COVID-19 impacting our daily lives for almost a year at this point, wearing a mask and spacing out in the cashier lines has become a familiar feeling for us. As the scientific community has published more information about this virus and how it spreads, we can more intelligently discuss the usage of HVAC to mitigate spread in buildings that are reopening.

Three Reasons to Integrate AI with BIM Now

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to make an impact on VDC efforts throughout the construction industry. With the introduction of low code and no code AI, your business will have opportunities to optimize designs, reduce schedules, and increase value. Here are three reasons to start exploring AI with BIM right now.