Overcoming Challenges in Commercial Mechanical System Retrofits

Retrofitting projects for commercial Whether the retrofit is due to systems or components reaching the end of their life or due to a major remodeling of a facility, adaptations will be necessary to integrate the new or upgraded system into an existing building.

There are two types of retrofits – equipment change-out and system upgrades.

Equipment Change Out

Sometimes HVAC system components break down and cannot be repaired. The component may be a faulty condenser, a broken fan motor, fan coils, an air handling unit, a boiler, or a cooling tower that shows signs of corrosion. If the rest of the system is in good shape, then only one piece of equipment may need to be replaced, but this is not always/often the case. We understand that the ultimate objective is to minimize downtime and get the system functional again. McKenney’s can assess the needs of your facility, taking into consideration the age of the system and which component is broken, and recommend the best options for the building’s specific requirements. Whatever it may be, the McKenney’s mechanical service team has the knowledge to work on a wide range of system parts.

The McKenney’s mechanical service team has the expertise to work on a wide range of system parts. If better options are available to optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs, we will work with you to make sure your building receives the most reliable and cost-effective solution.

System Upgrades

McKenney’s can also recommend strategic, comprehensive system upgrades. Although an existing system may function, it may no longer be the most cost-effective option. Newer technologies enable systems to use far less energy, and our customers often find they can reduce capital expenditures while benefitting from a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

Retrofit Challenges

Replacing or installing new equipment can present a variety of challenges. Work must be done with minimal disruption to the normal business operations in the building. The original structure must not be damaged in the process of removing old equipment and installing new components. In older buildings, spaces may be tighter for technicians to work in, and sometimes new piping or air handling units must be routed differently. Schedules can often be tight, but McKenney’s has the advantage of having its own prefabrication shops for piping, plumbing, and sheet metal that can complete portions of the work offsite while onsite work continues. This significantly reduces the time needed to complete a project.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

It’s easy to overlook preventative maintenance when systems are working well. However, mechanical systems that are expected to perform 24/7 need regular maintenance. Neglecting parts of the system, especially equipment on rooftops or other hard-to-access locations, can hasten their degradation. Some components need regular cleaning and lubrication to perform at their peak. McKenney’s mechanical services help customers proactively manage their systems to extend the life of key equipment. Contact McKenney’s today for more information.

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