Three Important Reasons to Schedule Storm Drain Cleaning

A commonly overlooked part of commercial property management is storm drain maintenance, and it’s often neglected until an emergency occurs. Blocked storm drains can back up after heavy rains, causing significant flooding, erosion, and other property damage. Maintaining storm drains on private property is typically the property owner’s responsibility and must be inspected annually.

McKenney’s recommends an annual inspection of storm drains, and the City of Atlanta and many other municipalities require it. Proper records should be kept for regulation compliance, and failure to comply with inspection requirements may result in unnecessary fees and penalties. Here are three important reasons to schedule an inspection now.

1.   Reduces Flood Risk

Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding by diverting rainwater off paved surfaces, such as parking lots, into a body of water. A combination of dirt, sediment, organic debris, oil, chemical pollutants, and pesticides may be responsible for blocking the drain—which can cause backups and flooding. Recent summer storms have washed leaves, twigs, and small branches into many storm drains, increasing the potential for flooding. This organic debris will continue to accumulate in the fall, rendering parking lots unusable during heavy rains and potentially damaging building foundations.

2.   Allows Time to Plan for Repairs

Inspecting your storm drain can identify the need for repairs, such as cracked or damaged grates or manhole covers, underground pipe cracks allowing root intrusion, or eroded earth around the drain leading to sinkholes. An inspection provides time to plan and schedule repairs instead of dealing with an emergency.

3.   Prevents Erosion Problems

Poor drainage can erode mulch, pine straw, and soil—leading to sediment accumulation where the storm drain releases into a pond or stream. Water quality in these bodies of water can be compromised as pollutants accumulate. and can be costly to fix.

Call the Experts

Storm drain inspection and cleaning is a job for the professionals. McKenney’s is Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Level 2 certified to complete your annual storm drain inspection, cleaning, and repairs. We offer a full range of plumbing services to ensure your storm drain system is properly cleaned and functioning as designed. Contact us now to schedule your service.

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