Efficiency Measurements Drive Action

McKenney’s used bdoc®Analytics and bdoc® ValidateTM to capture critical building data and find ways to conserve energy at T3 Labs in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fast Track to Energy Savings

McKenney’s implemented a broad-based energy-savings initiative at an educational institution in suburban Georgia. The retrofit focused on four of the university’s largest buildings.   The Challenge The McKenney’s team upgraded … Read More

Quietly Making a Big Impression

McKenney’s installed air-cooled chillers, a mechanical plant, all ductwork, piping and plumbing for In Touch Ministries’ recording studio, a producer of global television and radio broadcasts.

Delivering for Long-Time Customer

McKenney’s is demonstrating the power of bdoc® Business Intelligence (BI) for BuildingsTM for new electrical and supporting HVAC systems at a Georgia broadcasting company’s central plant.   The Challenge The … Read More

No Interruptions, No Downtime

McKenney’s installed multiple replacement air cooling units at a large Atlanta data center that remained operational during the course of the project. The Challenge McKenney’s had to install one new air … Read More

Digging In for a Long-Term Solution

McKenney’s repaired an underground water leak at a commercial office building in Alpharetta, Georgia.   The Challenge The McKenney’s service team needed to determine the source of a leak that … Read More

“A” for Effort and Expertise

McKenney’s installed mechanical systems for the conversion of a former office building into the North Atlanta High School.   The Challenge The 11-story building was being adapted by Atlanta Public … Read More