Efficiency Measurements Drive Action

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BI-Dashboarding-and-Energy-Management-Reporting-ServicesMcKenney’s used bdoc®Analytics and bdoc® ValidateTM to capture critical building data and find ways to conserve energy at T3 Labs in Atlanta, Georgia.


The Challenge

McKenney’s measured energy consumption by assessing past and current mechanical systems usage, then used the data to improve performance and predict future results.


The Solution

Working with the research institute’s team, McKenney’s employed bdoc®ValidateTM, a utility dashboarding tool, to understand consumption patterns and costs back to the moment the facility opened. bdoc® Analytics was used to measure and verify performance and graphically illustrate real-time data for the mechanical and DDC control systems. It analyzes this data to find controls that have “drifted” or degraded and searches for minute details that can cause problems and points of failure. It also uses historical data to predict future performance to simplify maintenance.


The Results

Facility engineering staff has access to data they’ve never seen before and can use the harvested data to make more informed energy usage and operational decisions.


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