Summer Heat Safety Tips

As we enter the summer months, it is important to understand the dangers of heat-related illness. By understanding what heat illness is, we can learn to identify it and take … Read More

“Expecting the Unexpected as a Precaution”

A couple of years ago, Ben Baldwin, McKenney’s Pipe Shop Superintendent, posed an interesting metaphorical question that is just as relevant today, especially as we focus on addressing McKenney’s Blind Spots … Read More

Cold Weather Alert

It is that time of the year when temperatures begin to drop towards freezing levels, especially during early morning hours in outdoor environments. 

Distracted Driving…Don’t Do It

This week’s safety message is bought to you by Tim Smith, Charlotte Field Operations.               Good Morning. Welcome to this week’s Safety Message. This … Read More

Stay Protected, Be Prepared

With Hurricane Florence recently impacting the Southeast US, it’s important to remember that “preparedness” is one of the BEST things you can do to protect your family and your assets. … Read More

Improving Safety Through Employee Engagement

We know that employee engagement boosts productivity, but does it have even farther-reaching effects? Can engagement actually improve workplace safety? Research shows that it absolutely does.  

Preventing Heat Stress Illness

Welcome to Summer 2018!  It’s already been cooking up in temperatures around the Southeast and it’s important to plan for, and protect against, the threat of heat stress related illness … Read More

Erasing Safety Myths

Recently, I came across a blog in the American Society of Safety Engineers website that addressed countering safety myths posted by David Castella, VP of strategic accounts for ProcessMAP. I … Read More