Stay Protected, Be Prepared

With Hurricane Florence recently impacting the Southeast US, it’s important to remember that “preparedness” is one of the BEST things you can do to protect your family and your assets.



Remember, natural and man-made disasters can strike anytime and no matter where you live.  Take the time to plan your response to a natural or man-made disaster, preferable well before either event is forecast or occurs.  Here are a couple of suggestions to target in your plan as outlined by the National Safety Council:

  • Have a family communication plan and ensure that all family members have reviewed and practiced the plan
  • Have all family members and other important phone numbers written down or memorized
  • Have an emergency kit in your car
  • Have at least three days of food and water at home
  • Have all important documents (i.e. birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.) in a fire-proof safe or safe deposit box
  • Have at least one family member trained in First Aid and CPR techniques
  • Have a plan to shut off utilities at your house


Want more information?  Please visit the following website as part of an effort to promote National Preparedness Month 2018:

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