What Ever Happened to the Chiller-less Data Center Revolution?

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The idea of the chiller-less data center has been a popular topic for the savvy designer to philosophize on since the original internet boom of the 90’s. It has been a more realistically achievable goal for well over a decade. Between the hardware manufacturers and data center operators accepting that the modern server can withstand higher input temperatures with minimal … Read More

Trade Coordination – The Key to Project Success

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The key driving forces of construction are cost and schedule. As an owner or a general contractor, you want to maintain budget, maintain schedule and provide a quality project. Coordination is the key that will allow you to drive your schedule and define the success of the project.

Planning and Building a Data Center

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The basis of design for your next major investment in your ever-growing IT infrastructure is complete and the engineering team has put together a set of documents that will be used to begin the planning and budgeting phase for the project. This part of planning and building a data center can be easily overlooked or under-utilized, however it is one … Read More

Data Center Integration Projected to Continue Rising into 2016

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Casey Talon, senior research analyst for Navigant Research says, “An integrated approach to managing on premise data centers can help intelligent building customers continue to support their core mission of providing effective data centers and efficient, comfortable facilities while saving energy and capital with more sustainable operations.”

Building Out a Server Room: the Pros and Cons when Choosing Your Cooling System

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Converting a room to white space can be problematic. Regardless of size, it is a significant investment for the present and future. Your excitement for the possibilities often turns to stress when faced with all of the decisions on how your space will operate. From fiber management, to electrical redundancy, and even HVAC design, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. To … Read More

Economizers Mean Energy Savings!

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A great way to meet the cooling needs of your data center while also delivering significant energy savings is to implement an economizer. Economizers can have a significant impact on energy costs in a data center as mechanical cooling is one of the largest consumers of energy in a typical data center. With economizers, you have two options to cut … Read More