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The McKenney’s team installed piping, plumbing and HVAC systems for a new data center in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

The Challenge

On a very tight schedule, the team had to devise a plan to install 24-inch piping mains in a deep trench below a 48-inch raised floor. The team was also tasked with leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination for the building, but with no job trailers space on site, the BIM effort had to be done remotely.

The Solution

To stay on schedule, much of the pipe was prefabricated and staged on multiple flatbed trailers. Due to the elevation changes between finished concrete, the McKenney’s team developed a unique rigging plan to load the piping into the trench and safely place large pieces. To ensure precise collaboration on the BIM effort, the coordination team was housed at the McKenney’s Charlotte office near the project site.

The Results

The data center owner was impressed with the amount of pipe fabrication, the BIM effort, the project speed and the team’s budget and schedule adherence.


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Matt Rothwell manages the Critical Systems group at McKenney’s, which specializes in data center projects ranging in size and complexity with a focus on renovations, expansions, and greenfield projects. Matt, a graduate of Georgia Tech and former McKenney's co-op, works with his team to cultivate existing and new relationships through the development and implementation of energy savings strategies.

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