Creativity Overcomes Challenges

McKenney’s replaced existing computer room mechanical units in one of a global data center’s colocation hubs in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Challenge

The McKenney’s team had to install new mechanical systems in an aging building with a small freight elevator and limited free space to install refrigerant piping inside the building. Pipe routing presented significant challenges as did the placement of new mechanical systems into the computer room.

The Solution

To work around indoor space limitations, McKenney’s attached refrigerant piping to the outside of the building using a swing stage and installed it vertically to the rooftop condensing units. The piping was rigorously pressure tested to identify and repair leaks that would be cumbersome to repair after start-up. In addition, new computer room units were rigged through fire escape doors located on the exterior of the building.

The Results

McKenney’s safely implemented the creative solution, resulting in a seamless start-up of the systems with minimal impact on the data center’s computer room.


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Matt Rothwell manages the Critical Systems group at McKenney’s, which specializes in data center projects ranging in size and complexity with a focus on renovations, expansions, and greenfield projects. Matt, a graduate of Georgia Tech and former McKenney's co-op, works with his team to cultivate existing and new relationships through the development and implementation of energy savings strategies.

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