The Product of BIM and Prefabrication

BIM team member working at computer

There is one formula that directly impacts project success for trade contractors: Success = BIM x Prefabrication High-quality BIM and well-executed fabrication mitigate many project risks and remove variability in … Read More

5 Reasons Now is the Wrong Time to Invest in AR

Beneficial uses for augmented reality (AR) in commercial and industrial settings are growing. AR hardware manufacturers and software developers continue to identify new applications for these tools. As the tools improve, business leaders must evaluate whether right now is the time to invest. I believe that it is not the right time to invest in AR… yet.

Three Reasons to Integrate AI with BIM Now

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to make an impact on VDC efforts throughout the construction industry. With the introduction of low code and no code AI, your business will have opportunities to optimize designs, reduce schedules, and increase value. Here are three reasons to start exploring AI with BIM right now.