The Water-Energy Nexus

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We recently experienced some unusually cold weather in the Southeast that approached or even surpassed record lows.  These extreme temperatures created an environment that produced numerous issues with facilities of all types across our region.  Perhaps one of the most significant impacts felt by many was the impact to our water supply.

The Big Chill

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Over the last two days, much of the country has witnessed extreme cold weather, and you may very well have pipes that are frozen and prone to burst when the thaw comes tomorrow.   The most vulnerable points of failure will be your hose bibs where you hook up your garden hoses. If the hose bibs freeze and split, water … Read More

The Stack Effect

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Have you ever walked into the lobby of a high rise during the winter to find it surprisingly cold? That’s the stack effect in play. When the air inside a building is warmer and less dense than the outdoor air, the warmer air rises to the top of the building. The top floors become positively pressurized while the bottom floors … Read More

Supply Air Temperature Reset Strategy

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One of the most effective strategies to employ in any energy savings program is to provide only the necessary amount of cooling or heating to each space (or zone). One strategy that allows a building operator to “tailor” the capacity to the zone needs is to utilize a supply air temperature reset strategy.

CNBC Explores Hackers’ Next Target: Facility Control Systems

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Fred Gordy, technology evangelist of our Enterprise Intelligence Group, joined Cylance’s Michael Schell and independent cybersecurity researchers Billy Rios and Terry McCorkle to discuss the threat of cyberattack through facility control systems.   Check out the full article: Hacker’s next target? Maybe your facility’s control systems.