Embracing Green Building Principles

Embracing-Green-Building-PrinciplesMcKenney’s designed and built an HVAC system with wireless controls to replace window air conditioning units and radiant heat at an Atlanta charter school.


The Challenge

Working with Southface energy consultants, McKenney’s needed to help the school qualify for project funding from the Grants to Green program. To do so, the team had to implement an HVAC system that would significantly reduce the school’s energy consumption—and install it quickly over summer break.


The Solution

McKenney’s implemented a variable refrigerant flow and fresh air system to satisfy energy-saving requirements for the grant. Wi-Fi enabled and occupancy-sensing thermostats were installed on all the HVAC units to track operating time and energy use, and control temperature from anywhere in the building. Throughout the project, the team paid careful attention to detail and safety practices while working side-by-side with other trades.


The Results

The school received the largest Grants to Green award to date and now has a high tech, energy-efficient HVAC system to keep the school comfortable at all times.


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