LEAN in the Field = Added Value for our Customers

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Thanks to everyone’s continuous involvement in our LEAN initiative, we have submitted over 600 ideas so far this year, saving more than $200,000! These numbers are proof of the positive impact we can have when we work together to incorporate LEAN processes in the office, in our shops and in the field.

Measuring Success in a LEAN Environment

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One of the key elements of a successful LEAN initiative is properly measuring the process. In simple terms, if you treasure it, measure it. This can apply to anything your team is trying to improve, sustain or eliminate. However, you must consider what you measure, how you measure it, and what you do with the information.

LEAN: Collaborative Learning and Sharing Experiences with 5 Key Groups

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There are many reasons companies call their experience with LEAN “a journey.” Each company finds their own unique approach and path to reducing waste and creating value in their organization. However, there are some universal principals that apply to help ensure success. Networking and collaborating with other LEAN organizations is one of them.

Bryan Decker a Panelist at CMAA-SAC’s Upcoming Lean Construction Breakfast

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Our very own Bryan Decker will be joining fellow industry experts for the Lean Construction 2 Breakfast Meeting on April 12. This panel discussion, hosted by Construction Management Association of America South Atlantic Chapter (CMAA-SAC), will explore how the impact LEAN design, construction and tools—specifically the Last Planner® System—change the way we do business with the whole project team from … Read More

8 Wastes of LEAN

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To help everyone keep thinking LEAN, we are examining the 8 Wastes of LEAN and what we can do to help eliminate them from our daily routines.

Using Safety Metrics to Identify Opportunities for LEAN

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Injuries, unsafe actions and dangerous conditions are always a top concern for McKenney’s. However, they are not just safety related. They are often indicators of inefficiency and waste in our operations and processes, created when an employee is doing something that is not part of their standard work, they are rushing, or their environment is unfamiliar or changes unexpectedly.

5S of LEAN

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As we continue our LEAN initiative at McKenney’s, we are utilizing more tools and methods to make an impact across our campuses. One way we’re doing this is by implementing 5S in our work areas.

LEAN at McKenney’s

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At McKenney’s, we are committed to doing everything we can to improve both the quality of our services to our customers and our employees’ quality of life, and we are using LEAN to make this a reality!

LEAN in Construction

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On every job, we strive to identify and eliminate waste by implementing LEAN construction. We look for opportunities to use fabrication whenever practical, allowing us to decrease installation times on site, meet tighter schedules, and introduce optimal workflow in the field.