Grady 13th & 14th Floor

Andrea LaMont

Since opening in 1892, Grady Hospital has continued to grow and meet the medical needs of Georgians from performing Georgia’s first open-heart surgery in the 1920s to becoming one of the nation’s busiest Level I trauma centers. As part of the hospital’s evolution, the McKenney’s team was hired to complete renovations of the the13th floor C & D wings for … Read More

Equipped for Future Expansion

Andrea LaMont

McKenney’s updated the HVAC system controls and Building Management System (BMS) floor plan amid renovations at a Georgia hospital.   THE CHALLENGE  The McKenney’s team needed to change out antiquated HVAC dampers while simultaneously maintaining a tidy workspace during hospital construction. The team also had to develop the best solution for integrating the newly renovated area into the hospital’s existing BMS.  THE SOLUTION  … Read More

Ensuring a Comfortable Hotel Stay

Andrea LaMont

McKenney’s installed two new high-end chillers for a prominent hotel in Atlanta.  THE CHALLENGE  A popular flagship hotel wanted to replace both of its 30-year-old centrifugal chillers. With 90-percent occupancy during a typically hot Atlanta summer, the hotel couldn’t risk downtime. McKenney’s had to remove the old chillers and install two new chilled water machines—with new isolation and control valves—without … Read More

Amazon Atlanta

Andrea LaMont

Second-generation 24,680-square-foot interior build-out that included the demolition of existing HVAC systems and equipment. The project involved the installation of new HVAC controls systems, terminal units, ductwork, supplemental cooling systems and plumbing systems. A preconstruction survey was also used to test the basic operation and integrity of the equipment controls.  

Efficiency Measurements Drive Action

Adrienne Vaughn

McKenney’s used bdoc® Analytics and bdoc® ValidateTM to capture critical building data and find ways to conserve energy at T3 Labs in Atlanta, Georgia. THE CHALLENGE McKenney’s measured energy consumption by assessing past and current mechanical systems usage, then used the data to improve performance and predict future results.\ THE SOLUTION Working with the research institute’s team, McKenney’s employed bdoc® … Read More