McKenney’s Helps Educational Campuses Meet Mechanical Challenges Head On

Education campus

Education campus

Providing a healthy and productive campus environment for students and staff is a challenge when mechanical systems are aging and no longer performing at peak levels.  With multiple buildings and limited support personnel available to keep things going, educational institutions may find it difficult to stay ahead of maintenance issues and prevent system downtime.  McKenney’s has the resources and expertise to identify problems, recommend solutions, improve sustainability, and lower operating costs.  Given today’s rising energy costs, this has a substantial impact on a facility’s bottom line.

As a full-service, single-source provider, McKenney’s offers the following retrocommissioning for education support:

Analyzing Problems

McKenney’s energy services team performs comprehensive on-site analysis to identify operational inefficiencies in mechanical systems.  Our simulation models can show actual versus optimal performance.  We can identify problems that need to be addressed in order to improve system performance.  McKenney’s develops customized plans to help clients identify short term and long term needs and sustainability goals.  This enables our clients to develop capital plans for project financing.

Addressing Inefficiencies

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McKenney’s mechanical services technicians can help extend the life of existing mechanical equipment, thereby maximizing the client’s investment.  Developing a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan enables clients to organize and prioritize routine tasks that keep key mechanical equipment operating at optimal levels.  This prevents costly breakdowns and lengthy downtimes.  A properly functioning HVAC system is a central component of healthy buildings.  It keeps building occupants comfortable, provides necessary ventilation, regulates indoor air quality, and controls indoor humidity.  Respiratory illnesses such as asthma are reduced, and mold and mildew problems due to excess moisture are eliminated.  This benefits students and staff by reducing absenteeism and creating a better working and learning environment.

Providing Solutions

When it’s time to replace aging or failing mechanical equipment, the McKenney’s team will recommend strategic system upgrades to meet client needs.  Our retrofit services team can replace outdated equipment with energy efficient models that will reduce operating costs.  McKenney’s service teams are experienced in replacing chillers, air handlers, rooftop units, cooling towers, heat pumps, furnaces, central fan systems, and other components of commercial HVAC systems.  Our eco-friendly solutions help educational facilities realize energy savings and achieve their sustainability goals.

Next Steps

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McKenney’s is ready to help you solve the performance challenges of your educational campus.  We can ensure end-user comfort in a variety of settings including classrooms, laboratories, gymnasiums, libraries, auditoriums, cafeterias, and student centers.  Contact us today for more information.

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