Choose McKenney’s for Chiller Service and Maintenance

chiller and HVAC system

chiller and HVAC system

When you need service and maintenance for a commercial HVAC system and chiller, McKenney’s is the company to call.  We have been the Southeast’s trusted mechanical contractor for over 70 years, earning a reputation for excellence.  The chiller is the heart of your cooling system, and our 30 certified chiller technicians can ensure your facility is operating at peak efficiency.

Managing Your System

McKenney’s helps you manage and maintain your commercial HVAC system and its components.  Proactively managing your equipment enhances system performance and reliability, minimizes downtime, and reduces operating costs.  We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Mechanical Service

McKenney’s services a wide range of chiller and HVAC products.  We are not tied to a single manufacturer so we can service, repair, provide refrigerant, and replace all major brands and models of equipment.  Our technicians perform expert repairs and unit replacement, when necessary.  As a member of the Independent Contractors Exchange Group, we have the resources to locate hard to find repair parts.  Whether you need an HVAC repair, chiller rebuild, or controls retrofit, McKenney’s can help extend the life of your equipment.

Avoid System DowntimeMcKenney's staff working on a cooling system

Good management of your facilities minimizes downtime and disruptions.  Preventative maintenance can identify small problems before they become major issues.  In addition to improving system efficiency and reliability, it lowers energy expenditures.  Our customer service teams are available 24×7 to schedule emergency services.  We promise minimal disruptions to your staff while we are working.

Strategic Upgrades Reduce Operating Costs

When old systems break down, they can’t always be repaired.  McKenney’s works with customers to recommend the best new system upgrades for their environment.  Replacing an outdated, inefficient system with a more energy efficient alternative reduces operating costs.  McKenney’s can provide a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution for your business.

Why choose McKenney’s?

The McKenney’s team takes safety seriously.  We follow the latest safety protocols from OSHA and the CDC’s safety guidelines in response to Covid-19.  Our expertise in providing a full range of mechanical services from Design & Build to Maintain & Manage makes us the best choice to service and maintain your chiller.  Contact us today for more information.  We look forward to serving you!

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