Regular Storm Sewer Maintenance Prevents Costly Damage

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Storm Sewer Maintenance

Stormwater management systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to function properly. Opinions vary on how often a thorough cleaning should be performed. The frequency may need to be increased in areas where litter and dirt tend to accumulate and in places with a history of drains clogging. Storm sewers in areas of the country that receive high amounts of rainfall may also need to be inspected more often. Many cities require having an annual inspection of commercial stormwater management systems.

Storm drains prevent rainwater from accumulating by channeling it away from buildings and into the city’s drainage system. Periodic cleaning reduces the likelihood of clogs, back ups, and flooding. Neglected storm sewer maintenance can turn into a hazardous and costly problem. Flooding can result in expensive damage to landscaping, erosion issues, basement flooding, settling of the foundation, interior water damage, and mold problems.

Storm drain clean up

Keeping storm drains clear avoids blockages, reduces the flooding risk, and helps prevent washouts, cave-ins, and sink holes. Trash and organic debris can be removed manually. Other pollutants such as sludge, oil, grease, and sediment particles may need to be flushed out by a professional contractor. High pressure water jets can be used to wash down drain structures and lines.

Catch basin cleaning

Property owners must maintain catch basins on private property. This job is often left to the professionals. Keeping the catch basin clean and free of debris allows for proper water drainage on the property. Screens, protective grates, and other debris capturing devices tend to collect trash and other materials that must be periodically removed. Dry methods are usually implemented first. This includes vacuuming and collecting trash manually. This is typically followed by water jetting. Properly maintained catch basins protect the environment by reducing the amount of pollutants that enter into the storm sewer and end up discharging into local streams and waterways. Catch basins should be inspected every couple of years, and cleaning should be performed as needed. Many cities and counties have regulations governing catch basin inspection and cleaning and will require documentation.

Man hole maintenance

Man holes in parking lots should be inspected regularly. Wear and tear damage can be caused by rain, ice, traffic, and articles never meant for disposal in the sewer drain. Debris should be removed, and pipe seals and joints should be inspected for damage.

McKenney’s hydrovac truck services

Trust the professionals at McKenney’s for your storm sewer maintenance needs. We can inspect, flush, and remove debris with one of their power hydrovac trucks. Our team of experts is ready to help at your commercial facility. Contact us today to learn more.

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