Mastering a New System – IEC HVAC Installation

Mastering a New System

McKenney’s installed an atypical HVAC system at the data center of a Fortune 100 company.


Project Name: Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC) HVAC Installation

Location: North Carolina

Team: General Contractor – Turner Construction; Contractor – McKenney’s Inc.

Specializations: Building Information Modeling (BIM); Design Assist

Markets: Mission Critical; Science & Technology




It was McKenney’s first time working for this customer, and although the teams are always mindful of the importance of safety, quality and productivity, on this project they were held to rigid quality requirements by the customer. The team installed and commissioned an indirect evaporative cooling system—a cutting-edge energy efficient HVAC system—that required extensive planning to hit new installation milestones.


The team devoted significant time to maintaining quality and productivity standards by pre-planning and coordinating with the owner, their subcontractors and the HVAC equipment manufacturer. The McKenney’s team allocated resources using the strengths of employees that were more familiar with the new technology. Furthermore, additional project management leadership was dedicated to the site to ensure the project was properly managed and executed.


The team exceeded quality standards, project milestones and built a positive relationship with this new customer.

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