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There has never been a more exciting time to be in technology. The pace of change is extraordinary, and you don’t have to look far to see how devices such as the Google Home smart speaker, are changing our homes, or how Amazon is changing our shopping experiences. So, what is McKenney’s doing to keep pace with the speed of this digital transformation?


We are focusing on three key areas that we feel will make the biggest impact for our company: integrating data into our everyday decisions, automating data primarily with Smartsheet, and robotic process automation to make our jobs easier. Here’s how we’re doing it.


Data Integration

Data is one of the four key areas we received feedback on during our last peer group critique. There is also a saying in the technology world: “Data is the new oil.” What this means is that data can be a valuable resource for organizations, helping to fuel growth, improve financial performance and enrich employees’ lives. But that data needs to be refined to get the maximum value, which speaks to why McKenney’s as an organization is pushing heavily to connect everything from safety observations to customer interactions.


Data Automation

Did you know that in less than two years McKenney’s has replaced or connected 70% of our spreadsheets? This is due to our adoption of Smartsheet, which is becoming the glue that holds our digital processes together between our financial system, customer software and other applications.


Robotic Process Automation

Although you may not see our applications and tools getting smarter, we are leveraging cutting edge software to get the benefits of robotic process automation. These tools use advanced mathematical algorithms to recognize patterns, which allows actions to be taken without our employees having to sort through tedious amounts of data. This can be something as straightforward as understanding if a website is unsafe and blocking it or as complicated as reading an email and determining an action to take. This technology is key to McKenney’s staying efficient without placing more effort on our employees.


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Shaun Hunt manages the Technology group at McKenney’s, covering everything from mobile devices to cloud computing. He holds a Master of Organizational Leadership from Southern NH University. Shaun launched his technology career in consulting at Accenture followed by Deloitte Consulting, before holding senior technology positions in financial services and non-profits. Shaun is passionate about creating efficient and effective systems that enable clear business value safely and securely.

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