Benefits of Routine Video Pipe Inspections and Drain Cleaning

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Drain cleaning is often a plumbing job that people don’t realize they need until your facility is flooding and a tenant is either walking through water or dodging ceiling tiles falling from above. Some situations may be prevented by routine video inspection and drain cleaning. 


Often overlooked is the importance of drain cleaning before there is a major problem.  Lots of drains are already partially clogged due to age, build up on the inside of pipe walls, improper materials being flushed or  washed down, and roots/intrusions on piping under slabs and outside foundations.


The best way to deal with clogged drains is to prevent them before it happens.  A video inspection, which can be scheduled on a recurring basis can help prevent possible clogs, reduce damages and lessen downtime in your facility. A video inspection helps the plumber determine if the piping is newly installed or aging and can confirm the exact location of problem areas.  It may prevent unnecessary excavations or messy repairs and provides an accurate condition of piping.


We offer current technology in video inspection and drain cleaning to include high pressure drain cleaning.  Scheduling an annual video inspection and drain cleaning with one of our skilled plumbing professionals is the best way to get this done.


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