Visual Management in LEAN Construction

A strategy for when things get busy. 

When work ramps up on a jobsite or in the office, a few things will almost certainly happen. We will start working with new members of our team, and our work will begin to get more complex and move at a faster pace. Meanwhile, leaders and managers will face more work, communication requirements and questions from their teams. So what can we do to help keep things moving and LEAN?


At McKenney’s we stress the importance and value of utilizing visual management. This simply means that vital information is communicated visually, through things like communication boards, posted schedules and updates, metrics and score boards, and our safety video messages. These types of communication are especially important when new people are joining a team. They will have questions and need to understand priorities and objectives. Visual management literally allows the team leader to be in more than one place to answer these questions and remind their team about important priorities and updates.


As we continue through our busy summer months, remember to reference these boards, show them to newer members of your team, and recommend opportunities to utilize them more in order to keep our team informed, LEAN and safe on the job.


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Bryan decker is the LEAN champion at McKenney's. He started his 12-year career in the U.S. Army in 1992, during which he was part of the Army Aviation Logistics team. In 2004, he transitioned to a civilian logistics role for Target Corp. Since then, Bryan has worked to optimize operations and supply chains through continuous improvement and LEAN principles.

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